Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) / The Durutti Column (2005)

Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) / The Durutti Column (2005)
Label: F4 Records (UK)
Catalog#: none
Format: File, MP3

Credits: Produced by Vini Reilly
Notes: Download only release from F4 Records

1: Bruce  4:55
2: Mike  4:19
3: Keir  4:31
4: Alan  5:05
5: Neil  5:01
6: Anthony  3:51


Factory Record→Factory Too→Factory Once→F4と続き、Tony Wilsonは息絶えた。F4ではDurutti Column以外に "The Young Offenders Institute"、"Raw T" がリリースされた。本アルバムはVini Reillyが友人に宛てた内容で各氏名がタイトルとなっている。其の6名の写真で構成されたPDFブックレット付き。Tony Wilson没後はVini Reillyを生涯支え続けた彼の為にリリースされた2枚組CD "A Paean To Wilson (2010)"に全曲収録された。

Re: Update - Perspectives and Distortion / Various (1981)

Perspectives and Distortion / Various (1981)

Label: Cherry Red (UK)
Catalog#: BRED 15
Format: Vinyl, LP

Compiled by Mike Alway
Cover Design by Nicola Gerry
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia Studios

A1: Claire Thomas And Susan Vezey - Bright Waves
A2: Matt Johnson - What Stanley Saw
A3: Virgin Prunes - Third Secret
A4: Lol Coxhill - The Calm...
A5: Lemon Kittens - …In Wooden Brackets
A6: Eyeless In Gaza - You Frighten
A7: Kevin Coyne - Hello Judas
A8: Mark Perry - Dear, Dear

B1: Ben Watt - Departure
B2: Two Daughters - Return Call/We Are
B3: Kevin Harrison - People In Space
B4: Thomas Leer - Kings Of Sham
B5: Five Or Six - Folded
B6: Morgan Fisher - Foreign Correspondent
B7: Robert Fripp - Remorse Of Conscience
B8: A Tent - No Way Of Knowing
B9: David Jackman - Untitled



Dome 2 / Dome (1981)

Dome 2 / Dome (1981)
Label: Japan Record (Japan)
Catalog#: RTL 9
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: B.C. Gilbert, G. Lewis
Recorded August 1980 at Blackwing Studio
Engineer – R. Radcliffe
Assistant Engineer – J. Fryer

A1: The Red Tent I
A2: The Red Tent II
A3: Long Lost Life
A4: Breathsteps
A5: Reading Prof. B
B1: Ritual View
B2: Twist Up
B3: Keep It

154 contains Free E.P. / Wire (1979)
MZUI / bcGilbert/gLewis/russellMills (1982)


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