Befehlsnotstand / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)

Befehlsnotstand: The Incomplete Weak of The Nocturnal Emissions / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)
Label: Sterile Records (UK)
Catalog#: SR 05
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1: Location recording of Thorn EMI arms dealers, London.
A2, A6: Recorded live at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, England, Election Night, 9 June 1983.
A3, A5, B1, B2: Recorded live at Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, W Germany, Hiroshima Night, 6 August 1983.
A4: Originally recorded for the Nocturnal Emissions 'Bleeding Images' video in 1982.
A5: US Propaganda from the archives of Rock Wilson.

Studio tracks recorded at the Emission Control, London, England
Remixed 11-17 November 1983.

Segued Side
A1: Thorn Doors
A2: Meaning Of Life
A3: Smash With Love
A4: RTZ Genocide
A5: Bite Them Back
A6: Cute Toy Beagle
Spliced Side
B1: Befehlsnotstand
B2: Are You Feeling
B3: Rabbits Don't Cry
B4: More Mumbo Jumbo (From The Lie Factory)

バンド名は夢精(正しくは、性交によらずに射精の起こる現象)を意味する。Nigel AyersとCaroline Kで結成されるが2008年にCarolineが鬼籍に入った為に現在はNigelのみとなる。

R.I.P. Caroline K

Chaos (Live at the Ritzy, Brixton) / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)

Chaos (Live at the Ritzy, Brixton) / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)
Label: Cause For Concern (UK)
Catalog#: CFC LP2
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Live at the Ritzy, Brixton
Election Night 9 June 1983
Engineered by Larry Peterson


A1: Meaning Of Life
A2: Bad Evening
A3: Smash With Love Chant
A4: Sinking The Belgrano
A5: Smash With Love
A6: State Terror
B1: Seven Shades Of Shit
B2: Squat The Land
B3: Bite Them Back
B4: Cute Toy Beagle


Public Image / Public Image Ltd (1978)

Public Image / Public Image Ltd (1978)
Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VS 228
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits: Produced by Public Image Ltd
Printed & Published by Public Image Ltd
All Photographs by Dennis Morris

Notes: Originally issued with a fold out newspaper sleeve

A: Public Image
B: The Cowboy Song

当時、此れが収録の1st Albumを聴き、嗚呼パンクが終わったんだなと実感。此れ以降、周辺の音は暗く暗くなっていったが未来は明るかった。初回限定の新聞スリーヴに掲載の悪ふざけ写真は、10年後に起こる90'sアメリカン・インディーズの様相。


Meridians 2 / Various (1983)

Meridians 2 / Various (1983)
Label: Touch (UK)
Catalog#: T3
Format: Cassette, C60

Credits: Artwork by Brett Wickens, Chris Moretone, John Foxx, Jon Barraclough, Linder, Malcolm Garrett, Mooie Charrington, Neville Brody, Panny Charrington, Peter Saville Associates, Roger Cleghorn, Russell Mills, Steven Appleby, Test Dept., Tom Aldam

Liner Notes by Audio Arts, Christine, Clive Robson, Gorp, John Foxx, Paul Morley, Reg Sailyne, Robert Fripp, Ross Middleton, S/Z 
Photography by Caroline K, Wolfram Jacob 
All Insect Photography by Penny Charrington

Inserts by Touch 
Mastered 6 May 1983

Notes: Packaged in screen printed PVC bag with 30 loose inserts. 

Side Three
A1: Wendy Chambers - Star Spangled Banner
   Music by - John Stafford Smith (Uncredited)
A2: 400 Blows - 399 To Go
A3: A Certain Ratio - Si-Femir-Ogrido
A4: Unknown Artist - Masse:Rebel (Behind The Front Line)
A5: Deux Filles - Airium
   Saxophone - Claudine Coule, Gemini Forque
A6: The Nocturnal Emissions - Body Count
A7: Jean Tinguely - Meta-Harmonie II
A8: Derek Jarman - Archeology Of Sound
A9: Matador! - Mother Earth Film Music

Side Four
B1: John Foxx - The Quiet Man 3
B2: Bruce Gilbert - Children
B3: Virginia Astley - When The Fields Were On Fire
B4: Gorp - Give Me The Moonlight
B5: Pure - Disconnected
B6: Touch 33° - Ai
   Saxophone - Geoff Blyth
B7: Mulligan & N. Smith - Walk On By
   Arranged by Mulligan, N. Smith
   Written by Bacharach, David

カセットマガジン "Touch" からリリースされた「Meridians 1」の続編(未所有)。
錚々たるメンツに加えて、John Foxx, Malcolm Garrett, Neville Brody, Peter Saville Associates, Russell Mills等が制作した数十枚に及ぶアートワークが圧巻。全てではないが今回は19枚のスキャン画像もアップ。なお、曲間が曖昧なため1曲1曲の認識が難しく、データはSide Three(29:22)とSide Four(30:39)の2曲としたが、歌詞情報部分にクレジットを入れておいた。



Palatial (Danny Rampling Remix) / Love Corporation (1990)

Palatial (Danny Rampling Remix) / Love Corporation (1990)
Label: Creation Records (UK)
Catalog#: CRE 076
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits:  Produced by Doug Martin 
Re-mixed by Danny Rampling 
Mixed by by Doug Martin (B)
Recorded at The Spike
Artwork and Design by Richard Walker

A: Palatial  4:23
B: Palatial III  4:28

Television Personalities, Teenage Filmstars, The Times他多数のバンドをCreation RecordsからリリースしてきたEdward Ball率いるグループ。軽やかに同時代性音楽を読み取る彼のセンスと行動力はCreation Recordsの屋台骨だった様に思う。その時代の一番気持ちのイイ所を切り取ってみせた彼だが、今思えば数々のグループ名に其れは顕著である。


Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals / Zoviet France (1986)

Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals / Zoviet France (1986)
Label: Red Rhino Records (UK)
Catalog#: REDLP67
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced by Ben Ponton, Paolo Di Paolo, Robin Storey 
Made in Foreign 

A1: Signal
A2: Host / Blowing In The Instrument
A3: Signal
A4: Flote
B1: Signal
B2: Gesture, Signal, Threat
B3: Semasen
B4: Rattle Stick Cruss
B5: They're Eating The Passengers



Soul Deep / The Council Collective (1984)

Soul Deep / The Council Collective (1984)
Label: Polydor (UK)
Catalog#: MINE 1
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits: This record was made by…
Leonardo Chignoli
Dee C. Lee
Junior Giscombe
Jimmy Ruffin
Steve White
Vaughn Toulouse
Dizzy Hites
Paul Weller & Mick Talbot

Producer - The Council Collective
Mixed by Brian Robson & Martin Ware (Heaven 17)
Engineer - Jeremy Wakefield

"There's Brother against Brother - 
There's Fathers against Sons - 
But as for Solidarity - I don't see none" 
Let's change that! 

"The aim of this record was to raise money for the Striking Miners and their families before Xmas but obviously in the light of the tragic and disgusting event in South Wales resulting in the murder of a Cab driver, some of the monies will also go now to the widow of the man. 
We do support the miners strike but we do not support violence. it helps no one and only creates further division amongst people. 
This record is about Solidarity or more the the point - getting it back! If miners lose the strike, the consequences will be felt by all of the working classes. That is why it is so important to support it. But violence will only lead to defeat - as all violence ultimately does." 

A: Soul Deep Pt 1
B: Soul Deep Pt 2

The Council Collective = The Style Council + Guests.

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