The Alan Vega 70th Birthday EP Series - Shadazz / The Horrors (2008)

Shadazz / The Horrors (2008)
Label: Blast First Petite (UK) PTYT 018
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP, Limited Edition

Credits: Cover Art "untitled" Collage by Alex Rose
A Limited Edition: One of Three Thousand

Notes: This is the second 10" in the Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series.
Side A plays at 45 RPM, side B at 33 ⅓ RPM. This was released in a limited edition of 3000 copies. Cover features a machine-numbered sticker.

A: The Horrors - Shadazz  4:18
   Recorded 2008 at Miloco Studios, London. Mixed by Ferg Peterkin

B1: Suicide - Radiation  5:06
   Previously unreleased - Live at Irving Plaza NYC 28th July 1984
   From the archive of Howard Thompson. 
   Recorded by Eric Mache. Digitally transfer by Robert Poss - NYC 2007

B2: Nic Void - Rocket U.S.A.  3:58
   Recorded and Mixed by Mike Boddy. UK 2007
   Engineerd and Co-produced by Mr Mike Boddy


The Alan Vega 70th Birthday EP Series - Dream Baby Dream / Bruce Springsteen (2008)

Dream Baby Dream / Bruce Springsteen (2008)
Label: Blast First Petite (UK) PTYT 017
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP, Limited Edition 

Credits: Cover Art Photograph "stars" by Edward Mapplethorpe (1994)
A limited edition: One of Four Thousand

A: Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream  6:55
   Recorded live for the Dust Devils solo tour 2005. 

B1: Suicide – Dream Baby Dream  3:51
   Recorded for the The Cars NBC TV "Midnight Special" (28th September 1979). 
   Previously unreleased. 

B2: Beat The Devil – Mr Ray  5:30
   Recorded as "Beat The Devil"(r.i.p.) by Perkin at 6/8 Studio, NYC.

Notes: This is the first 10" in the Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series.
First edition limited edition of 4000 copies. Cover features a machine-numbered sticker.
Repressed a month later in another edition of 4000 copies (here) due to heavy demand.

"The Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series"第一弾は、意外にもBruce Springsteenによるカバーだが、アルバム"Nebraska"の"State Trooper"は彼らの影響から作られたらしい。本盤での収録のように2005年のツアー"Devils & Dust Tour"のラストは此の曲だった様だ。
B2の"Beat The Devil"はNYのバンド。Alan Vegaのお気に入りなのか今回の収録に至る。


Gas Chair Clown - a.k.a. The Gas Chair / Crawling Chaos (1982)

The Gas Chair / Crawling Chaos (1982)
Label: Factory Benelux (Belgium) FAC BN6
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced by Crawling Chaos
Enregistré en Angleterre
Fabriqué en Belgique
Illustrations de Denyse Willem
Notes: The band's chosen title was "Gas Chair Clown", an anagram of the band's name but the label decided to use a shorter version.

A1: Macabre Royale  4:57
A2: Creamo Coyl  2:19
A3: Left Hand Path  3:04
A4: Guinness  2:12
A5: Arabesque  2:38
B1: Harry  2:40
B2: Disierta Membra  11:25
B3: Canadian Pacific  1:08
B4: Breaking Down  4:15

Factoryからのシングルは猥雑なエナジーをコンパクトにまとめた最高の出来だったが、其の後Factory Beneluxからリリースされた本盤は彼らの本質が顕になったPsychedelic Folk。レーベルの判断で修正されリリースされたタイトルはバンド名のアナグラムより。


Sex Machine / Crawling Chaos (1980)
You Tube - Crawling Chaos - Suck


Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (OST) / Various (1972)

Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (OST) / Various (1972)
Label: Warner Bros. Records (US) BS 2573
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: See Discogs


Watching The Hydroplanes / Tunnelvision (1981)

Watching The Hydroplanes / Tunnelvision (1981)
Label: Factory (UK) FAC 39
Format: Vinyl, 7"Single, Clear

Notes: Produced by Martin Hannett
Sleeve by Peter Saville
Also editions on black vinyl, Edition of 10000

A: Watching The Hydroplanes  3:50
B: Morbid Fear  4:17

リリースはFactoryからの此れのみという、Joy Divisionの影を色濃く持つバンド。最近LTMより未発表&ライヴCDが2枚発売された。Martin Hannettプロデュース。クレジットが一切無いスリーヴデザインはPeter Saville。アイデアは凡庸だが紙質、レイアウト、そして盤はクリアーカラーと、彼らしい美しさ。またもやノイズ多めで申し訳ないです。


A Way Of Life / Suicide (1988)

A Way Of Life / Suicide (1988)
Label: Chapter 22 (UK) CHAP LP 35
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Alan Vega - Vocals / Martin Rev - Instruments / Producd by Ric Ocasek
Engineered by Joe Barbaria / Asst. Engineers – John Magnusson, Bridget Davy, Ken Steiger
Recorded and mixed at Electric Lady Studios N.Y.C.  / Mastered at Sterling Sound
Cover Photos – Ric Ocasek / Backcover Photo – Renaud Monfourny / Cover Concept – Alan Vega

A1: Wild In Blue
A2: Surrender
A3: Jukebox Baby 96
A4: Rain Of Ruin
B1: Sufferin' In Vain
B2: Dominic Christ
B3: Love So Lovely
B4: Devastation

通算3枚目のアルバム(ROIRカセットと限定版を除く)は幾分華やかだった前作に比べて再度1stに立ち返った様な印象。其の1stアルバムは1977年リリースだが、何と1970年から現在まで活動している彼ら(Wiki調べ)。Martin Revは不明だが、Alan Vegaは御年73歳。此の頃は50歳だったはずで全身全霊を込めて尊敬に値する。3年前にはAlanの70歳を祝って "Blast First Petite (UK)"より、Bruce Springsteen、Lydia Lunchなど様々なミュージシャンに彼らの楽曲がカバーされた10" EPがシリーズでリリースされた。近々アップの予定。


Candyman / Cornershop (1998)

Candyman / Cornershop (1998)
Label: Wiiija Records (UK) WIJ 093 T
Format: Vinyl, 12" 

A1: Candyman (Rob Swift Vocal Mix)
Featuring – Justin Warfield
Remix – Rob Swift
A2: Candyman (Rob Swift Instrumental Mix)
Featuring – Justin Warfield
Remix – Rob Swift
B1: Candyman (Schizoid Man Remix)
Featuring – Justin Warfield
Remix – Schizoid Man
B2: Candyman (Uptight Remix)
Featuring – Justin Warfield
Remix – Uptight

1993年から現在に至るまで、変わらぬ素晴らしいポップミュージックを奏でる彼らのアルバム"When I Was Born For The 7th Time"からシングルカット。いつものインドテイストは無いが今だにハマっている好シングル。


Roman P / Psychic TV & The Temple Ov Psychick Youth (1984)

Roman P / Psychic TV & The Temple Ov Psychick Youth (1984)
Label: Sordide Sentimental (France) SS 33 009
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM

Credits: Produced by PTV
Alex Fergusson, John Gosling, Genesis & Paula P.Orridge, Mr. Sebastian.

Notes: First edition limited to 3003 numbered copies. There is a second edition of unknown unnumbered copies. 
Second untitled track on side B consists of Jim Jones's voice coming out of the right channel & Charles Manson's voice coming from the left channel. 
The two tracks are pressed using a double groove. If you put the needle anywhere on the side, you’ll never know if you'll ear Topy’s Spokesman or Jim Jones & Charles Manson.

A: Roman P (Short Version) by PTV  6:24

B: Neurology (Double Grove) by TOPY
1): TOPY Spokesman   2:17
2a): Jim Jones (Right)  2:31
2b): Charles Manson (Left)

B面は1曲だが、溝が2本有り針がどちらに落ちるかわからないというもの。一つはThe Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) のスポークスマンからのメッセージ。もう一つは右チャンネルにJim Jones、左チャンネルにCharles Mansonの演説。よってA面の"Roman P"とは必然的に "Roman Polanski"。PDFにまとめたブックレット記載の上記写真もイカス。全てのギミックがジェネ子らしいが、此の頃はまだPaulaと結婚してて、メンバー写真手前に写っているのは其の子供。


Tomorrow / The Durutti Column (1986)

Tomorrow / The Durutti Column (1986)
Label: Factory Benelux (Belgium) FBN 51
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Design – Joël V.A.

A: Tomorrow
B1: Tomorrow (Live In Japan)
B2: All That Love And Maths Can D

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