[Re-upload] Editions Frankfurt-Berlin / Throbbing Gristle (1983)

Editions Frankfurt-Berlin / Throbbing Gristle (1983)
Label: Svensk Illuminated/S.Phonograph (Danmark) SJAMS 31
Format: Vinyl, LP

Note: Live recording from Berlin shows at SO 36 7 and 8 November 1980 
and from Kunsthofschule in Frankfurt, 10th November, 1980

A1: Discipline
A2: Strangers In The Night
B1: The Old Man Smiled 
B2: Something Came Over Me
B3: N Point Zero

Re-upload for Anonymous

[Re-upload] Live At Artists Space / Mars (2011)

Live At Artists Space / Mars (2011)
Label: Feeding Tube Records (US) FTR068
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Recorded at Artist’s Space, NYC, May 6th, 1978
Set One - Recorded by Perry Brandston on a Nakamichi 550 Portable Cassette Recorder, using three mics.
Set Two - Recorded by Charles Ball using a binaural dummy.

Supervised by Mark Cunningham
Cassette transfers and pre mastering by Mark Alan Miller at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio
Special thanks to Foreign Frequency
Mastered by Paul Gold
Cover Photo Courtesy of Mark Cunningham
Produced by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore for Negative Glam NG#1

A1: 3E (Fragment)
A2: Cats 
A3: 11000 Volts
A4: Helen Fordsdale
A5: Cairo
A6: Tunnel
A7: Hairwaves
A8: Puerto Rican Ghost
B1: 3E
B2: Cats
B3: 11000 Volts
B4: Helen Fordsdale
B5: Cairo
B6: Tunnel
B7: Hairwaves
B8: Puerto Rican Ghost

Re-upload for Buttbuttbutt

昨年リリースされた"No New York"の数ヶ月前に録られたライヴ。同日の録音をセット別にAB面に収録。聴く者が流血必至の凍てついた電気楽器で奏でられる完璧な音楽。疎らだがゆえの狂った客も最高だ。なお本盤はレコードのみリリース。NO MORE CD。

[Re-upload] Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Label: XL Recordings (UK)
Catalog#: XLEP 107
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Produced by Tony Thorpe, Jimmy Cauty
Produced, recorded, and mixed live at Trancentral

A1: Dub Me Right (Featuring Daddy Chester)
A2: Free
B1: Lion Dance
B2: Pumpin Dumpin
B3: A.U.N.

Re-upload for cleaf

名盤「Chill Out」をリリースしたThe KLF(のようなもの)が、同年リリースしたDubというかDubstep。

[Re-upload] L'Homme À Tête De Chou / Serge Gainsbourg (1976)

L'Homme À Tête De Chou / Serge Gainsbourg (1976)
Label: Philips (France) 548 432-1
Format: Vinyl, LP (2001 Reissue)

Notes: Originally released in 1976

A1: L'Homme À Tête De Chou  2:59
A2: Chez Max Coiffeur Pour Homme  1:57
A3: Marilou Reggae  2:08
A4:  Transit À Marilou  1:30
A5: Flash Forward  2:35
A6: Aéroplanes  2:35
A7: Premiers Symptomes  1:12
B1: Ma Lou Marilou  2:39
B2: Variations Sur Marilou  7:39
B3: Meurtre À L'Extincteur  0:47
B4: Marilou Sous La Neige  2:23
B5: Lunatic Asylum  3:20

Re-upload for Syd Chely

「勝手にしやがれ」よりはましなタイトルだが、原題「キャベツの頭を持つ男」→邦題「くたばれキャベツ野郎」。”Melody Nelson”と似た傾向だがレゲエもありより多彩。
アナログは兎に角CDタイトルすら手に入りにくかった10年ほど前に"Cannabis”、”Melody Nelson”、”Love On The Beat”で彼を知り今に至るが、過去リリースされたアルバムCD20枚(未発表含む)BOXが、死後20周年という何が何だかわからない形でリリースされるとは夢にも思わず。二葉百合子じゃないんだから20枚組なんてどうしたら良いのか。

[Re-upload] Contraries / News From Babel (1986)

Contraries / News From Babel (1986)
Label: Rē Records (UK) Re /=/
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single Sided)

Credits: Recorded at Cold Storage
Bassoon, Piano, Horns, Marimba – Lindsay Cooper
Engineer – Bill Gilonis
Harp, Accordion – Zeena Parkins
Marimba – Chris Cutler
Vocals – Dagmar Krause

Notes: Single sided, clear vinyl 7" with image screened on b-side
Catalog number is not a number but is a drawing that looks like a small ladder
Initially included as a special bonus item with subscription copies of the News From Babel LP "Letters Home" (Re 1..14)
Also later included in the "16 Dance Party Smash Hits!" box set of 16, 7" records put out in 1985 as a Re and Recommended 7th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

A: Contraries

Re-upload for Santiago

本盤のB面にはChris Cutlerによるシルクスクリーンプリントが施され、曲はA面のみ。Recommended周辺のメンバーによる小品。
Thanks for Mr. Okuzumi.

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