[Re-upload] Contraries / News From Babel (1986)

Contraries / News From Babel (1986)
Label: Rē Records (UK) Re /=/
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single Sided)

Credits: Recorded at Cold Storage
Bassoon, Piano, Horns, Marimba – Lindsay Cooper
Engineer – Bill Gilonis
Harp, Accordion – Zeena Parkins
Marimba – Chris Cutler
Vocals – Dagmar Krause

Notes: Single sided, clear vinyl 7" with image screened on b-side
Catalog number is not a number but is a drawing that looks like a small ladder
Initially included as a special bonus item with subscription copies of the News From Babel LP "Letters Home" (Re 1..14)
Also later included in the "16 Dance Party Smash Hits!" box set of 16, 7" records put out in 1985 as a Re and Recommended 7th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

A: Contraries

Re-upload for Santiago

本盤のB面にはChris Cutlerによるシルクスクリーンプリントが施され、曲はA面のみ。Recommended周辺のメンバーによる小品。
Thanks for Mr. Okuzumi.

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Thank you so much, beloved!

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