The Fruit Of The Original Sin / Various (1981)

The Fruit Of The Original Sin / Various (1981)
Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: twi 035
Format: Vinylx2, LP

Credits: Drawing Of Anne Marie Stretter – Richard Jobson
Design – Hennebert
Photography – Charles Van Hoorick

A Means To An End
A1: Peter Gordon – The Fruit Of The Original Sin
A2: The French Impressionists – Boo Boo's Gone Mambo
      Guitar – Roddy Frame
      Vocals – Paul Quinn
A3: The French Impressionists – My Guardian Angel
      Guitar – Roddy Frame
      Vocals – Paul Quinn
A4: Durutti Column – The Eye And The Hand
A5: Soft Verdict – Multiple 12
A6: Cécile Bruynoghe – Clair De Lune
      Composed by Claude Debussy
A7: Marine – A Man And A Woman

A Rhythm
B1: Paul Haig – Mad Horses
B2: Marine  – Animal In My Head
B3: 323 – Affectionate Silence
B4: Swamp Children – Flesh
B5: DNA – Taking Kid To School
B6: DNA – Cop Buys A Donut
B7: DNA – Delivering The Goods

A Purpose
C1: Rhine River III – An End Remains
C2: Richard Jobson – The Happiness Of Lonely
       Piano – Virginia Astley
C3: Marguerite Duras – Interview With Marguerite Duras
       Background Music - "a Long Absence" – Virginia Astley
C4: Richard Jobson – India Song
C5: The Names – Music For Someone
C6: Unknown Artist – Unknown Title

A Landscape
D1: Orange Juice – Three Cheers For Our Side
D2: Thick Pigeon – Sudan (Acoustic)
D3: Durutti Column – Party
D4: Arthur Russell – Sketch For 'Face Of Helen'
D5: Durutti Column – Experiment In Fifth
D6: Winston Tong – The Next Best Thing To Death
       Music Generated by Tuxedomoon
D7: William S. Burroughs – Twilight's Last Gleaming

家宝"From Brussels With Love"の翌年、同クレプスキュールからの素晴らしい二枚組オムニバス。古典に彩られたポピュラーミュージックの前衛、などと破綻した形容しか思いつかない。
Roddy Frame参加の"The French Impressionists"Virginia Astleyのピアノをバックに”Marguerite Duras”インタビュー、This Heat - A New Kind Of Water"を思わせるメロディーの"323"、本盤のみでしか聴けない"DNA"3曲(後にCD化)、"William S. Burroughs"のライヴ等、2007年にLes Temps Modernesからボーナス付きでCD化されたが今だに興味は尽きない。全くらしく無い"Paul Haig"が最も本盤の趣旨を体現している様に思える。Hannebertのジャケットもまた素晴らしい。

A gift for Dave Sez. Thank you.


You Can't Hide Your Love Forever / Orange Juice (1982)

You Can't Hide Your Love Forever / Orange Juice (1982)
Label: Polydor (UK)
Catalog#: POLS 1057
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Produced by Adam Kidron

A1: Falling And Laughing  3:48
A2: Untitled Melody  2:05
A3: Wan Light  2:23
A4: Tender Object  4:24
A5: Dying Day  2:59
A6: L.O.V.E. Love  3:34
B1: Intuition Told Me (Part 1)  1:09
B2: Upwards And Onwards  2:27
B3: Satellite City  2:40
B4: Three Cheers For Our Side  2:49
B5: Consolation Prize  2:50
B6: Felicity  2:34
B7: In A Nutshell  4:16

本盤収録の " Falling And Laughing" は、Postcard Recordsの1st リリースシングル(1980)だった。Rough Trade他インディーが雨後のタケノコの如く台頭していた時期に、インディーでありながらナショナルチャート入りを目指していた彼らのアンビシャスさは、ポストパンク黎明期当時の価値基準の多様さを物語る良いエピソードだろう。ジャケットはギャグかと思い買った本盤だったが、此頃主流だった「ネオアコ」とも異なり、パンク&ソウルをベースとした真面目なギターバンドだった。StonesやThe Whoはソウルそのままのカバーを演ったが、パンク以降はこうなるといったサンプルでもある。Al GreenのA6を始め、随所にぎこちないソウルミュージックへの愛を感じる好盤。


Playing With A Different Sex / Au Pairs (1981)

Playing With A Different Sex / Au Pairs (1981)
Label: Human Records (UK)
Catalog#: HUMAN 1
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Vocals and Guitar – Lesley
Vocals and Guitar – Paul
Bass – Jane
Drums – Pete

Recorded at Jacob's Studios April 1981
Engineered by Ken Thomas
Produced by Au Pairs, Martin and Ken
Sleeve Design by Martin/Rocking Russian
Cover Photography by Eve Arnold
Sax by Lindy/From Fast Relief

A1: We're So Cool
A2: Love Song
A3: Set-Up
A4: Repetition
    Written by D.Bowie
A5: Headache For Michelle
B1: Come Again
B2: Armagh
B3: Unfinished Business
B4: Dear John
B5: It's Obvious
(B6: Endless Track)

対等の立場を意味するバンド名から想像が容易い其の政治的姿勢と、ガシャガシャとゾンザイなギターが相まって、当時は良く"Gang of Four"と比較されたバンド。当時はジャケットに惹かれるも完全に食わず嫌い。ブログを読んでくださる遠方の見知らぬ方より寄贈され初めて聴いた本盤は、The Raincoatsから始まった一連のロック女性解放戦線が、Post punkとしてダンスに指向性を見つけた初期の感触が楽しめる好盤だった。3年で潰れたがニッチなHuman Recordsよりリリース。

Thanks for Mr. Okuzumi.


Bob Hope Takes Risks / Rip Rig + Panic (1981)

Bob Hope Takes Risks / Rip Rig + Panic (1981)
Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VS 468-12
Format: Vinyl, 12" (Single)

Credits: Engineered by Tim Hunt
Produced by Rip Rig & Panic
Paintings by Mike Springer
Design by Jill Mumford

A: Bob Hope Takes Risks  6:00
B: Hey Mr. E! A Gran Grin With A Shake Of Smile  6:00

The Pop Groupからファンクとフリージャズを抽出しモードとしてノスタルジックな映画と美術のエッセンスを散りばめた類稀なバンド。インプロに終始した断片も多いが、ポップスへの憧憬目線も有るところが素晴らしい。21世紀版を是非見てみたい。



Ziggy Stardust / Bauhaus (1982)

Ziggy Stardust / Bauhaus (1982)
Label: Beggars Banquet (UK)
Catalog#: BEG 83T
Format: Vinyl, 12"(Single)

Produced by John Sparrow (A1, B1), Dale Griffin (A2)
Engineered by Mike Robinson (A1, B1), Martin Colley (A2)

A1 & B1: Recorded for the David Jensen Show on BBC Radio One at Maida Vale Studio 4 on 1st July 1982 
First broadcast on 22nd Junly 1982
Track A2: Recorded for the John Peel Show on BBC Radio One at Maida Vale Studio 4 on 13th March 1982 
First broadcast on 12th april 1982
Released by arrangement with BBC Records

Note: The band members are not credited on the release itself, those credits presented here are taken from the LP Swing The Heartache - The BBC Sessions where three of these tracks reappear. Printed credit for producer does not give the full picture as it excluded BBC technical credits. Those credits presented here, along with additional notes, are taken from Ken Garner's - In Session Tonight - The Complete Radio 1 Recordings
Durations do not appear on release

A1: Ziggy Stardust
Written by David Bowie
A2: Party Of The First Part

B1: Third Uncle
B2: Waiting For The Man (Featuring Nico on Vocals)
Written by Lou Reed
Recorded live at Fagins, Manchester

T. Rex, D. Bowie, Velvet Underground, B. Enoと、ファン目線のカバーを臆面も無いアレンジでリリースし、其れが最高に似合うバンド。様々なビジュアルセンスは群を抜いていたし、この格好良さは、王道も何周かしてさらに新しいとはセンス=選択能力の高さだと、馬鹿なオレでも分かるEP。


3R4 / BC Gilbert & G Lewis (1980)

3R4 / BC Gilbert & G Lewis (1980)
Label: 4AD (UK)
Catalog#: CAD 16
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Produced by Graham Lewis
Engineer – Eric Radcliffe
Assistant Engineer – John Fryer
Recorded at Blackwing Studio, Between 2nd - 7th sept. 1980.

Davyd Boyd - Bass, Voices
B. C. Gilbert - Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Russell Mills - Percussion
Graham Lewis - Synthesizer, Guitars, Tapes, Percussion
John Fryer - Tape

A1: Barge Calm   1:11
A2: 3. 4...   17:03
B1: Barge Calm   1:08
B2: R   20:03

集積され反復する音の断片は後に音塊となり、音楽となるも、後に静寂となり、記憶となる。Post punkの極北に彼らが挑んだ功績は多大だ。Brian EnoとRichard Jamesを繋いだWireの半分は彼らであり、Domeであり、Cupolその他であるのだが、Wireの夜明けが素人同然だった事を改めて鑑みると、オレは20年後の今も自分自身の可能性を否定出来ない。此の事がロックンロールの本質である事を稚拙な音楽人に大声で言っておこう。さらにはWireの残り半分の様に、ポピュラーミュージックとは不可分の関係である事も。

Thanks for Mr. Okuzumi.


We Love The Moon / The Royal Family & The Poor (1986)

We Love The Moon / The Royal Family & The Poor (1986)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: fac 139
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Picture Disc Single)

Credits: copyright - the project 1986
dedicated to all those involved in the struggle.
who feels it knows it. love is the law. love under will.
Written & Arranged by Mike Keane.

A: We Love The Moon  4:43
B: White Stains  4:13




Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) / The Durutti Column (2005)

Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) / The Durutti Column (2005)
Label: F4 Records (UK)
Catalog#: none
Format: File, MP3

Credits: Produced by Vini Reilly
Notes: Download only release from F4 Records

1: Bruce  4:55
2: Mike  4:19
3: Keir  4:31
4: Alan  5:05
5: Neil  5:01
6: Anthony  3:51


Factory Record→Factory Too→Factory Once→F4と続き、Tony Wilsonは息絶えた。F4ではDurutti Column以外に "The Young Offenders Institute"、"Raw T" がリリースされた。本アルバムはVini Reillyが友人に宛てた内容で各氏名がタイトルとなっている。其の6名の写真で構成されたPDFブックレット付き。Tony Wilson没後はVini Reillyを生涯支え続けた彼の為にリリースされた2枚組CD "A Paean To Wilson (2010)"に全曲収録された。

Re: Update - Perspectives and Distortion / Various (1981)

Perspectives and Distortion / Various (1981)

Label: Cherry Red (UK)
Catalog#: BRED 15
Format: Vinyl, LP

Compiled by Mike Alway
Cover Design by Nicola Gerry
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia Studios

A1: Claire Thomas And Susan Vezey - Bright Waves
A2: Matt Johnson - What Stanley Saw
A3: Virgin Prunes - Third Secret
A4: Lol Coxhill - The Calm...
A5: Lemon Kittens - …In Wooden Brackets
A6: Eyeless In Gaza - You Frighten
A7: Kevin Coyne - Hello Judas
A8: Mark Perry - Dear, Dear

B1: Ben Watt - Departure
B2: Two Daughters - Return Call/We Are
B3: Kevin Harrison - People In Space
B4: Thomas Leer - Kings Of Sham
B5: Five Or Six - Folded
B6: Morgan Fisher - Foreign Correspondent
B7: Robert Fripp - Remorse Of Conscience
B8: A Tent - No Way Of Knowing
B9: David Jackman - Untitled



Dome 2 / Dome (1981)

Dome 2 / Dome (1981)
Label: Japan Record (Japan)
Catalog#: RTL 9
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: B.C. Gilbert, G. Lewis
Recorded August 1980 at Blackwing Studio
Engineer – R. Radcliffe
Assistant Engineer – J. Fryer

A1: The Red Tent I
A2: The Red Tent II
A3: Long Lost Life
A4: Breathsteps
A5: Reading Prof. B
B1: Ritual View
B2: Twist Up
B3: Keep It

154 contains Free E.P. / Wire (1979)
MZUI / bcGilbert/gLewis/russellMills (1982)



Bubblegum Perfume / Felt (1990)

Bubblegum Perfume / Felt (1990)
Label: Creation Records (UK)
Catalog#: CRELP 069
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: See Discogs

A1: I Will Die With My Head In Flames
A2: Stained-Glass Windows In The Sky
A3: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
A4: Space Blues
A5: Autumn
A6: Be Still
A7: There's No Such Thing As Victory
A8: Magellan
A9: The Final Resting Of The Ark
A10: Sandman's On The Rise Again
B1: Don't Die On My Doorstep
B2: A Wave Crashed On Rocks
B3: Book Of Swords
B4: Declaration
B5: Gather Up Your Wings And Fly
B6: The Darkest Ending
B7: Bitter End
B8: Rain Of Crystal Spires
B9: Voyage To Illumination
B10: Ballad Of The Band

あまりにも稚拙なジャケットに包まれたCreation Records時代のシングルコンピレーション。現Primal Screamの"Martin Duffy (Organ)"の加入で、より一層魔法がかった魅惑の48分。惜しむらくはジャケットデザイン。


Gold Mine Trash / Felt (1987)

Gold Mine Trash / Felt (1987)
Label: Cherry Red
Catalog#: B-RED 79

Credits: Produced by John Leckie (6, 9), John Rivers (2 to 5, 8), Robin Guthrie (7, 10)
Notes: Tracks 3 & 5 were unreleased versions recorded as demos for Blanco Y Negro Records

A1: Something Sends Me To Sleep
A2: Trails Of Colour Dissolve
A3: Dismantled King Is Off The Throne
A4: Penelope Tree
A5: Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
B1: Crystal Ball
B2: The Day The Rain Came Down
B3: Fortune
B4: Vasco Da Gama
B5: Primitive Painters   Vocals – Elizabeth Fraser

Cocteau Twinsが参加の名曲"Primitive Painters"を有する、Cherry Red時代のシングルコンピレーション。ポエトリーリーディングまたはBob DylanやLou Reedを連想させるLawrenceのヴォーカルスタイルが、このバンドの全てを決定している。此のスリーヴデザインの如き感傷的な情景が憂鬱で色濃く縁どられた夢のような彼らの魔法は、此の後Creation Recordsを経てÉlで消滅するまで続いた。


154 contains Free E.P. / Wire (1979)

154 contains Free E.P. / Wire (1979)
Label: Harvest (UK)
Catalog#: PSR 444
Format: Vinyl, 7" EP 

Sice One
1. Song 1  Produced by Gotobed
2. Get Down (Parts I + II)  Produced by Newman
Side Two
1. Let's Panic Later  Produced by Lewis
2. Small Electric Piece  Produced by Gilbert

Wire初期3枚は別格だが、プログレを帯びてきた名盤3枚目"154"の初回に付属された7"EP。メンバー4人が各々プロデュースした実験的小品集。言っておくが"154"は此れも含めて一枚のアルバムである。Remaster CDには収録済みだがノイズの多いアナログで。
此の後バンドは解散、Bruce GilbertとGraham Lewisは自身のレーベルから"Dome"と4ADから"Cupol"をリリースする。


Camino Del Sol / Antena (1982)

Camino Del Sol / Antena (1982)
Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: TWI114
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Performer – Isabelle Powaga, Pascale Moiroud, Sylvain Fasy
Arranged, Producer, Conductor - Antena
Composed - Powaga, Fasy
Percussion – Jair Moreira
Recorded by Gilles Martin

Notes: Original 5 track Mini-LP from 1982 which was re-released 1986 with the same catalog number and one extra track 'The Boy From Ipanema'

A1: Achilles
A2: Silly Things
B1: Camino Del Sol
B2: Bye Bye Papaye
B3: Sisséxa

初回プレスに ”The Boy From Ipanema (Produced by John Foxx)” は未収録。Crépuscule を代表する一枚。クレジットは無いが一見して分かる Hannebert のスリーヴデザインと共に素晴らしい内容。

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