The Fruit Of The Original Sin / Various (1981)

The Fruit Of The Original Sin / Various (1981)
Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: twi 035
Format: Vinylx2, LP

Credits: Drawing Of Anne Marie Stretter – Richard Jobson
Design – Hennebert
Photography – Charles Van Hoorick

A Means To An End
A1: Peter Gordon – The Fruit Of The Original Sin
A2: The French Impressionists – Boo Boo's Gone Mambo
      Guitar – Roddy Frame
      Vocals – Paul Quinn
A3: The French Impressionists – My Guardian Angel
      Guitar – Roddy Frame
      Vocals – Paul Quinn
A4: Durutti Column – The Eye And The Hand
A5: Soft Verdict – Multiple 12
A6: Cécile Bruynoghe – Clair De Lune
      Composed by Claude Debussy
A7: Marine – A Man And A Woman

A Rhythm
B1: Paul Haig – Mad Horses
B2: Marine  – Animal In My Head
B3: 323 – Affectionate Silence
B4: Swamp Children – Flesh
B5: DNA – Taking Kid To School
B6: DNA – Cop Buys A Donut
B7: DNA – Delivering The Goods

A Purpose
C1: Rhine River III – An End Remains
C2: Richard Jobson – The Happiness Of Lonely
       Piano – Virginia Astley
C3: Marguerite Duras – Interview With Marguerite Duras
       Background Music - "a Long Absence" – Virginia Astley
C4: Richard Jobson – India Song
C5: The Names – Music For Someone
C6: Unknown Artist – Unknown Title

A Landscape
D1: Orange Juice – Three Cheers For Our Side
D2: Thick Pigeon – Sudan (Acoustic)
D3: Durutti Column – Party
D4: Arthur Russell – Sketch For 'Face Of Helen'
D5: Durutti Column – Experiment In Fifth
D6: Winston Tong – The Next Best Thing To Death
       Music Generated by Tuxedomoon
D7: William S. Burroughs – Twilight's Last Gleaming

家宝"From Brussels With Love"の翌年、同クレプスキュールからの素晴らしい二枚組オムニバス。古典に彩られたポピュラーミュージックの前衛、などと破綻した形容しか思いつかない。
Roddy Frame参加の"The French Impressionists"Virginia Astleyのピアノをバックに”Marguerite Duras”インタビュー、This Heat - A New Kind Of Water"を思わせるメロディーの"323"、本盤のみでしか聴けない"DNA"3曲(後にCD化)、"William S. Burroughs"のライヴ等、2007年にLes Temps Modernesからボーナス付きでCD化されたが今だに興味は尽きない。全くらしく無い"Paul Haig"が最も本盤の趣旨を体現している様に思える。Hannebertのジャケットもまた素晴らしい。

A gift for Dave Sez. Thank you.

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