6 Petites Chansons / Joseph Racaille (1983)

6 Petites Chansons / Joseph Racaille (1983)
Label: Recommended Records (UK) RR 16.5
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Clear Color) 

Contrebass – Genevieve Cabannes
Trumpet – Guy Lorca
Electric Guitar – Fred De Fred
Marimba – Jacques Marugg
Accordion, Bouzouki – Norbert Aboudarham
Clarinet – Nano Peylet
Double Bass [Contrebass] – Pierre Jacquet
Saxophone, Flute – Christoph Baillot
Violin – Bruno Girard
Voice – Choirs Of Guiseppe Racaglie
Voice, Piano, Guitar, Melodica – Joseph Racaille
Cover by Chris Cutler, EMT

Notes: Initially included as a special bonus item with subscription copies of Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella "Les Flots Bleus" LP (RR 16)
Also later included in the "16 Dance Party Smash Hits!" 16x7" box set put out in 1985 as a Re and Recommended 7th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

A1: Nous Sommes Des Animaux
A2: Bientot, Une Fin
A3: Annie La Telie
B1: Solo Un Dia
B3: Une Joliie Paire
B4: A Personne En Particulier

ZNRといえば"Hector Zazou"が有名だが、彼も同メンバーである。シャンソンやフォーク混じりの小品集。

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