N'Sel Fik / Fadela (1987)

N'Sel Fik / Fadela (1987)
FAC 197

Label: Factory Records (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 197
Format: Vinyl, 12" (Single)

Chaba Fadela/Lead Vocals
Voice/Cheb Sahraoui (A)
Rachid/All Instruments, Electronics
Samir/Keyboards, Sampler
Sleeve by Johnson/Panas

A: N'Sel Fik
B: Ateni Bniti (Part One)

X-O-Dus もFactory唯一のRaggaeだったが、印度もコレのみ。


English Black Boys / X-O-Dus (1979)

English Black Boys / X-O-Dus (1979)
FAC 11

Label: Factory Records(UK)
Catalog#: FAC 11
Format: Vinyl, 12" (Single)

Credits: Mastered by Jonz
Produced by Dennis Bovell

Designed by Peter Saville
Available in two different sleeves:
a dark grey textured card sleeve, and a light grey regular card sleeve (issued in 1980)

A: English Black Boys (10:11)
B: See Them A'Come (8:20)

概発のファクトリーコンピに収録のAは、全て半分以下にエディットされている。Bは未CD化。やはりリアルタイムで聴いて来たBritish Reggaeが肌に合うオレであった。

Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Label: XL Recordings (UK)
Catalog#: XLEP 107
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Produced by Tony Thorpe, Jimmy Cauty
Produced, recorded, and mixed live at Trancentral

A1: Dub Me Right (Featuring Daddy Chester)
A2: Free
B1: Lion Dance
B2: Pumpin Dumpin
B3: A.U.N.

名盤「Chill Out」をリリースしたThe KLF(のようなもの)が、同年リリースしたDubというかDubstep。何となくイイ。


Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus / Various (1978)

Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus / Various (1978)

Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VCL 5003
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP

Produced by Mike Howlett
Photography by Martin Rushent at Advision
Design/Artwork & Typography by Russel Mills

A1: Stepping Out / The Fall
A2: (You Never See A Nipple In The) Daily Express / John Cooper Clarke
A3: At A Later Date / Joy Division
A4: Persecution Complex / The Drones

B1: Makka Splaff (The Colly Man) / Steel Pulse
B2: I Married A Monster From Outer Space / John Cooper Clarke
B3: Last Orders / The Fall
B4: Time's Up / Buzzcocks

The Fall はもちろんだが、やはり他で聴くことの出来ない Joy Division がえらくカッコイイ。加えて Steel Pulse のジットリとした長い演奏が、その生っぽい臨場感と共にサイコー。


The Stiff Girls Vol.4 - Lene Lovich

Lucky Number / Lene Lovich (1978)

Label: Stiff Records (UK)
Catalog#: BUY 42
Format: Vinyl, 7" Single

Produced by The Stateless for Oval. All Songs Written by Lovich, Chappell

A: Lucky Number
B: Home

Bird Song / Lene Lovich (1979)

Label: Stiff Records (UK)
Catalog#: 12 BUY 53
Format: Vinyl, 12" EP

Produced by Roger Bechirian(A,B2), The Stateless for Oval(B1). B1 Remix by Roger Bechirian. All Songs Written by Lovich, Chappell

A: Bird Song (Written by Lovich, Chappell)
B1: Too Tender (To Touch) (Written by Lovich, Chappell)
B2: Trixi (Written by Lovich, Chappell)


I Can Tell / Friction (1980)

I Can Tell / Friction (1980)

Label: Pass Records (Japan-Tokyo)
Catalog#: PAS-204
Format: Vinyl, 7" Single

Produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto (Side A),
Friction (Side B)

Яeck / Vo, Bass. (ex.Teenage Jesus & The Jerks)
Tsunematsu Masatoshi / Guitar.
Chico Hige / Drums.(ex. James Chance & The Contortions)

Side A: I Can Tell (Stereo)
Side B: Pistol (Mono)


Friction Film By Hirose Tadashi 1979

Lezz-Less-Mass / Lezz-Less-Mass (1982)

Lezz-Less-Mass /
Lezz-Less-Mass (1982)

Label: GYM Records (Japan-Sapporo)
Catalog#: GL-5001
Format: Vinyl, 7" EP

Izumi / Vo, Guitar, Perc, Fue. Mikuniya / Bass. Sigeki / Drums.
Thanks to P-Daisuke / Synthe from Quotations. Honma / Perc from Para-Phrase.

Engineered by Hagiwara Shigeru. Coordinate by Komuro Haruo.
Recorder at Studio Jack. 1982.10.24.Digital Recording.
Photo by H.Komuro. Designed by S.Izumi.
Thanks to Beat-Generation Records.

Black Side: 1-Mado Wa Sare. 2-Garasu Bin
White Side: Chinese Restaurant



Bananarians / Bananarians (1981)


/ Bananarians (1981)

Label: Aspirin Records (Japan-Tokyo)

Catalog#: jc- a 203

Format: 7" Flex Disc


Ave / Bass, Vo. Jang Keng / Drums. Hiromi / Guitar. Sansuke / Vo. Guitar.

Recorded & Mixed by Moriyama, Taguchi @ LOFT 1981.1 - 2.

Version Mix by Ikeda

Produced by Bananarians

Industries - Junk Connection

Manufactured - Aspirin Records

A: Zoo

B: John No Warui Kuse




The Stiff Girls Vol.3 - Jane Aire

Call Me Every Night -
Jane Aire And The Belvederes

Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VS 273
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Picture Disc)

Produced by Liam Sternberg

A: Call Me Every Night (Written by Liam Sternberg)
B: Lazy Boy (Written by Liam Sternberg)

The Stiff Girls Vol.2 - Kirsty MacColl

A New England / Kirsty MacColl (1984)

Label: Stiff Records (UK)
Catalog#: BUY 216
Format: Vinyl, 7"

Produce by Steve Lillywhite(A),
Kirsty MacColl(B)

Photography / Tom Collins

A: A New England (Written by Billy Bragg)
B: Patrick (Written by Kirsty MacColl)

Days / Kirsty MacColl (1989)

Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: KMAN 2
Format: Vinyl, 10"(Limited Edition)

Produced by Steve Lillywhite(A1),
Kirsty MacColl & Colin Stuart(A2, B1),
Kirsty MacColl, Colin Stuart & Johnny Marr(B2)

Outer Sleeve Photography / Andrew McPherson
Inner Sleeve Photography / Charles Dickins
Design / Kirsty MaColl & Bill Smith Studio

A1: Days (Written by Raymond D. Davies)
A2: Still Life (Written by Kirsty MacColl, Phil Rambow)
B1: El Paso (Written by Marty Robbins)
B2: Happy (Written by Kirsty MacColl)


The Stiff Girls Vol.1 - Rachel Sweet

B-A-B-Y / Rachel Sweet (1978)

Label: Stiff Records (UK)
Catalog#: BUY 39
Format: Vinyl, 7"

Credits: Produced by Liam Sternberg
Mixed by Pete Solly
Taken from Rachel Sweet's
New Stiff Album
"Fool Around / Seez12"

A: B-A-B-Y (Written by Isaac Hayes / David Porter)
B: Suspended Animation (Written by Liam Sternberg)

I Go To Pieces / Rachel Sweet (1979)

Label: Stiff Records (UK)
Catalog#: BUY 44
Format: Vinyl, 7"

Credits: Produce by Barrie Guard,
David Mackay for Round Records (A),
Liam Sternberg (B)

A: I Go To Pieces (Written by Del Shannon)
B: Who Does Lisa Like? (Written by Liam Sternberg)



Video 5-8-6 / New Order (1997)

Video 5-8-6 / New Order (1997)

Label: Touch (UK)
Catalog#: Tone 7.1
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Notes: The B side, pressed as a 7",
is an uncredited Joy Division track from
the "Komakino" flexidisc (Factory Records FAC 28).
Initial copies came with a free postcard featuring a photo of Ian Curtis
taken by Touch co-owner Jon Wozencroft.

A: Video 5-8-6 / New Order (33rpm / 22:25)
B: As You Said / Joy Division (45rpm / 2:01)

The Haçiendaオープンに際して作られたBlue Mondayのブループリント。


Running Away / Paul Haig (1982)

Running Away / Paul Haig (1982)
TWI 089

Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: TWI 089
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Performer, Arranged, Producer - Paul Haig
Backing Vocals - Isabelle Antena, Pascale Antena
Credits: Artwork - Hennebert

A: Running Away / Back Home
B: Time

Sly & The Family Stoneの大名盤 "There's A Riot Goin' On" より。

Prospect Park / Simon Topping (1985)

Prospect Park / Simon Topping
(1985) FBN 41

Label: Factory Benelux (Belgium)
Catalog#: FBN 41
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Written by Simon Topping

A1: Prospect Park
B1: Chicas Del Mundo
B2: Mission And 24

A Certain Ratioから離れた彼が、ここまであからさまにブラジル音楽に接近した事に驚いたが、今思えばFactoryとCrepusculeの先進性に脱帽である。1985年当時、モードとしてのJazzに傾倒していたFactoryに新しさを感じられなかったオレのバカ。この後、20数年を経てようやくブラジル音楽に心酔して行くのであった…。


Vergessen / Soft Verdict (1982)

Vergessen / Soft Verdict (1982)
TWI 092

Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: TWI 092
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Engineer - Marc François
Producer - Wim Mertens

A1: Inergys
A2: Circular Breathing
A3: Mildly Skeeming
B1: 4 Mains
B2: Multiple 12
B3: Inergys (Reprise)

Crépusculeとの出会いは"From Brussels With Love"のカセット版。カセット版2種、CD版3種、2枚組レコード1種を所有するほど影響された。このレーベルのイマジネーション豊かなBenoît Hennebertのイラストに包まれたパッケージと、その幅広い音楽群に20年惹かれ続けている。中でもWim Mertens (Soft Verdict) は Harold Budd、Michael Nymanと並んで特別な存在。Steve Reichよりも叙情的ミニマルとでも言えば良いのか。何だか暫くCrépuscule周辺をアップしそうな心模様。

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