Lezz-Less-Mass / Lezz-Less-Mass (1982)

Lezz-Less-Mass /
Lezz-Less-Mass (1982)

Label: GYM Records (Japan-Sapporo)
Catalog#: GL-5001
Format: Vinyl, 7" EP

Izumi / Vo, Guitar, Perc, Fue. Mikuniya / Bass. Sigeki / Drums.
Thanks to P-Daisuke / Synthe from Quotations. Honma / Perc from Para-Phrase.

Engineered by Hagiwara Shigeru. Coordinate by Komuro Haruo.
Recorder at Studio Jack. 1982.10.24.Digital Recording.
Photo by H.Komuro. Designed by S.Izumi.
Thanks to Beat-Generation Records.

Black Side: 1-Mado Wa Sare. 2-Garasu Bin
White Side: Chinese Restaurant


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can u reupload this, please?

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