Its Hard To Be An Egg / John Dowie (1981)

Its Hard To Be An Egg / John Dowie (1981)
Label: Factory (UK) FAC 19
Format: Vinyl, 7"Single (White) 

Credits: Produced by Martin Hannett

A: It's Hard To Be An Egg
B: Mind Sketch

Notes: White vinyl disc with egg yolk design on label. Packaged with a feather attached to a clear PVC sleeve. Designed by Martyn Atkins.
Factory Shareholder's Newsletter and Analysis End of Year 80: "Factory's first major assault on Radio Two. Secret deely sleeve concept. Of note: Hannett/Hopkins cello effects plus, Easter single tactic." 
Initially planned to be released in late August/September 1980, then planned for late February/early March 1981, it finally was released in June 1981.

1977年Virginリリース"Another Close Shave"後の本盤とコンピ盤のいくつかが、コメディアンである彼のディスコグラフィーの全てである。モンティ・パイソン好きなオレだがB面ライヴは笑えず。鶏の羽付きでMartin Hannettプロデュース。

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