[Re-upload] Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Journey Into Dubland / The Moody Boys (1990)

Label: XL Recordings (UK)
Catalog#: XLEP 107
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Produced by Tony Thorpe, Jimmy Cauty
Produced, recorded, and mixed live at Trancentral

A1: Dub Me Right (Featuring Daddy Chester)
A2: Free
B1: Lion Dance
B2: Pumpin Dumpin
B3: A.U.N.

Re-upload for cleaf

名盤「Chill Out」をリリースしたThe KLF(のようなもの)が、同年リリースしたDubというかDubstep。

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Unknown さんのコメント...

Wow...I've been looking for this for years...thanks! Would you happen to have these files in Apple Lossless as well?

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