The Alan Vega 70th Birthday EP Series - Shadazz / The Horrors (2008)

Shadazz / The Horrors (2008)
Label: Blast First Petite (UK) PTYT 018
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP, Limited Edition

Credits: Cover Art "untitled" Collage by Alex Rose
A Limited Edition: One of Three Thousand

Notes: This is the second 10" in the Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series.
Side A plays at 45 RPM, side B at 33 ⅓ RPM. This was released in a limited edition of 3000 copies. Cover features a machine-numbered sticker.

A: The Horrors - Shadazz  4:18
   Recorded 2008 at Miloco Studios, London. Mixed by Ferg Peterkin

B1: Suicide - Radiation  5:06
   Previously unreleased - Live at Irving Plaza NYC 28th July 1984
   From the archive of Howard Thompson. 
   Recorded by Eric Mache. Digitally transfer by Robert Poss - NYC 2007

B2: Nic Void - Rocket U.S.A.  3:58
   Recorded and Mixed by Mike Boddy. UK 2007
   Engineerd and Co-produced by Mr Mike Boddy

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