Roman P / Psychic TV & The Temple Ov Psychick Youth (1984)

Roman P / Psychic TV & The Temple Ov Psychick Youth (1984)
Label: Sordide Sentimental (France) SS 33 009
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM

Credits: Produced by PTV
Alex Fergusson, John Gosling, Genesis & Paula P.Orridge, Mr. Sebastian.

Notes: First edition limited to 3003 numbered copies. There is a second edition of unknown unnumbered copies. 
Second untitled track on side B consists of Jim Jones's voice coming out of the right channel & Charles Manson's voice coming from the left channel. 
The two tracks are pressed using a double groove. If you put the needle anywhere on the side, you’ll never know if you'll ear Topy’s Spokesman or Jim Jones & Charles Manson.

A: Roman P (Short Version) by PTV  6:24

B: Neurology (Double Grove) by TOPY
1): TOPY Spokesman   2:17
2a): Jim Jones (Right)  2:31
2b): Charles Manson (Left)

B面は1曲だが、溝が2本有り針がどちらに落ちるかわからないというもの。一つはThe Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) のスポークスマンからのメッセージ。もう一つは右チャンネルにJim Jones、左チャンネルにCharles Mansonの演説。よってA面の"Roman P"とは必然的に "Roman Polanski"。PDFにまとめたブックレット記載の上記写真もイカス。全てのギミックがジェネ子らしいが、此の頃はまだPaulaと結婚してて、メンバー写真手前に写っているのは其の子供。

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