Soul Deep / The Council Collective (1984)

Soul Deep / The Council Collective (1984)
Label: Polydor (UK)
Catalog#: MINE 1
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits: This record was made by…
Leonardo Chignoli
Dee C. Lee
Junior Giscombe
Jimmy Ruffin
Steve White
Vaughn Toulouse
Dizzy Hites
Paul Weller & Mick Talbot

Producer - The Council Collective
Mixed by Brian Robson & Martin Ware (Heaven 17)
Engineer - Jeremy Wakefield

"There's Brother against Brother - 
There's Fathers against Sons - 
But as for Solidarity - I don't see none" 
Let's change that! 

"The aim of this record was to raise money for the Striking Miners and their families before Xmas but obviously in the light of the tragic and disgusting event in South Wales resulting in the murder of a Cab driver, some of the monies will also go now to the widow of the man. 
We do support the miners strike but we do not support violence. it helps no one and only creates further division amongst people. 
This record is about Solidarity or more the the point - getting it back! If miners lose the strike, the consequences will be felt by all of the working classes. That is why it is so important to support it. But violence will only lead to defeat - as all violence ultimately does." 

A: Soul Deep Pt 1
B: Soul Deep Pt 2

The Council Collective = The Style Council + Guests.

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