Befehlsnotstand / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)

Befehlsnotstand: The Incomplete Weak of The Nocturnal Emissions / Nocturnal Emissions (1983)
Label: Sterile Records (UK)
Catalog#: SR 05
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1: Location recording of Thorn EMI arms dealers, London.
A2, A6: Recorded live at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, England, Election Night, 9 June 1983.
A3, A5, B1, B2: Recorded live at Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, W Germany, Hiroshima Night, 6 August 1983.
A4: Originally recorded for the Nocturnal Emissions 'Bleeding Images' video in 1982.
A5: US Propaganda from the archives of Rock Wilson.

Studio tracks recorded at the Emission Control, London, England
Remixed 11-17 November 1983.

Segued Side
A1: Thorn Doors
A2: Meaning Of Life
A3: Smash With Love
A4: RTZ Genocide
A5: Bite Them Back
A6: Cute Toy Beagle
Spliced Side
B1: Befehlsnotstand
B2: Are You Feeling
B3: Rabbits Don't Cry
B4: More Mumbo Jumbo (From The Lie Factory)

バンド名は夢精(正しくは、性交によらずに射精の起こる現象)を意味する。Nigel AyersとCaroline Kで結成されるが2008年にCarolineが鬼籍に入った為に現在はNigelのみとなる。

R.I.P. Caroline K

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