Meridians 2 / Various (1983)

Meridians 2 / Various (1983)
Label: Touch (UK)
Catalog#: T3
Format: Cassette, C60

Credits: Artwork by Brett Wickens, Chris Moretone, John Foxx, Jon Barraclough, Linder, Malcolm Garrett, Mooie Charrington, Neville Brody, Panny Charrington, Peter Saville Associates, Roger Cleghorn, Russell Mills, Steven Appleby, Test Dept., Tom Aldam

Liner Notes by Audio Arts, Christine, Clive Robson, Gorp, John Foxx, Paul Morley, Reg Sailyne, Robert Fripp, Ross Middleton, S/Z 
Photography by Caroline K, Wolfram Jacob 
All Insect Photography by Penny Charrington

Inserts by Touch 
Mastered 6 May 1983

Notes: Packaged in screen printed PVC bag with 30 loose inserts. 

Side Three
A1: Wendy Chambers - Star Spangled Banner
   Music by - John Stafford Smith (Uncredited)
A2: 400 Blows - 399 To Go
A3: A Certain Ratio - Si-Femir-Ogrido
A4: Unknown Artist - Masse:Rebel (Behind The Front Line)
A5: Deux Filles - Airium
   Saxophone - Claudine Coule, Gemini Forque
A6: The Nocturnal Emissions - Body Count
A7: Jean Tinguely - Meta-Harmonie II
A8: Derek Jarman - Archeology Of Sound
A9: Matador! - Mother Earth Film Music

Side Four
B1: John Foxx - The Quiet Man 3
B2: Bruce Gilbert - Children
B3: Virginia Astley - When The Fields Were On Fire
B4: Gorp - Give Me The Moonlight
B5: Pure - Disconnected
B6: Touch 33° - Ai
   Saxophone - Geoff Blyth
B7: Mulligan & N. Smith - Walk On By
   Arranged by Mulligan, N. Smith
   Written by Bacharach, David

カセットマガジン "Touch" からリリースされた「Meridians 1」の続編(未所有)。
錚々たるメンツに加えて、John Foxx, Malcolm Garrett, Neville Brody, Peter Saville Associates, Russell Mills等が制作した数十枚に及ぶアートワークが圧巻。全てではないが今回は19枚のスキャン画像もアップ。なお、曲間が曖昧なため1曲1曲の認識が難しく、データはSide Three(29:22)とSide Four(30:39)の2曲としたが、歌詞情報部分にクレジットを入れておいた。


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匿名 さんのコメント...

I'm sure I bought this when it came out, but I can't find it... thanks very much!

armeur H さんのコメント...

excellent blog indead ! you can get some Touch Cassettes in my blog too : http://alicerabbit.blogspot.com/search/label/Touch
congratulations, you make an extraordinary work !

djbethell さんのコメント...

I'm swimming in all of this beautiful music. Thank you for keeping these sublime dreams alive, x

min - min さんのコメント...

Thank you!

экзайлстрит さんのコメント...

Would there be a chance of a reup of this? Thanking you

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