Wheel In The Roses / Rema-Rema (1980)

Wheel In The Roses / Rema-Rema (1980)
Label: 4AD (UK)
Catalog#: BAD 5
Format: Vinyl, 12" (EP)

A1: Feedback Song
A2: Rema-Rema
B1: Instrumental
B2: Fond Affections
recorded live June 79 (mono)

Credits: Rema-Rema were
Organ, Synthesizer - Mark Cox
Vocals, Bass - Michael Allen
Vocals, Guitar - Gary Asquith
Guitar - Marco
Drums - Max

Produced by Wally Brill & Rema-Rema

Joy Divisionにより蒔かれた、優れた遺伝子を持つバンドだったが、此れ一枚で解散。

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