O'locco (Revisited) 12"orbit at 33rpm / Sun Electric (1991)

O'locco (Revisited) / Sun Electric (1991)

Label: WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings (UK)
Catalog#: mws 020r
Format: Vinyl, 12" (EP)

previous unavailable 'orbital therapy parts 5-8'
unreleased mixes made on e the night the orb was born.

Produced and Mixed by Sun Electric Berlin Germany
The Night The Walls Came Down
Remixed by Alex Paterson, Gavin Cauty & Youth In London
The Night The Orb Was Born
The DJ Was Dr Alex Paterson, Edited by Thomas Fehlmann

This Side Of The Wall
A1: O'locco (Orbital Therapy Part 5) 7:08
A2: O'locco (Orbital Therapy Part 6) 7:07
That Side Of The Wall
B1: O'locco (Orbital Therapy Part 7) 7:17
B2: O'locco (Orbital Therapy Part 8) 6:56

The Orbものにハズレ無し。

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