Garage Flower / The Stone Roses (1996)

Garage Flower / The Stone Roses (1996)
Label: Garage Flower Records (UK) GARAGE LP 1
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Produced by Martin Hannett
Engineered by Chris Nagle and John Hurst
Recorded at Strawberry Studios/Yellow Two

Vocals – Ian Brown
Bass – Pete Garner
Drums, Backing Vocals – Reni
Guitar – Andy Couzens, John Squire

All tracks originally written and performed in 1986. Track A2 re-recorded and re-released on the single "Sally Cinnamon", tracks A7 and B1 re-recorded and re-released on the album "Stone Roses" and tracks B3 and B4 released on the single "So Young"

A1: Getting Plenty  4:01
A2: Here It Comes  2:35
A3: Trust A Fox  3:00
A4: Tradjic Roundabout  3:10
A5: All I Want  3:34
A6: Heart On The Staves  3:18
A7: I Wanne Be Adored  3:25
B1: This Is The One  3:42
B2: Fall  2:46
B3: So Young  3:18
B4: Tell Me  3:52
B5: Haddock  0:10
B6: Just A Little Bit  3:04
B7: Mission Impossible  3:42

Produced by Martin Hannett。デビュー前の1986年に、Factory Recordsでお馴染みのStrawberry StudiosとYellow Twoで録音された。1986年はMartin Hannettは薬のせいかほとんど仕事をしていない時期で、彼ならではの凝った箇所も多々有るが、デビューアルバムのプロデュースを行ったJohn Leckieの音に慣れてしまっているせいか、本盤では方向を見誤っている様な出来映え。なお、"A2 - Here It Comes"は後の"Sally Cinnamon"。

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