[Re-upload] Video 5-8-6 / New Order (1997)

Video 5-8-6 / New Order (1997)

Label: Touch (UK) Tone 7.1
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Notes: The B side, pressed as a 7",
is an uncredited Joy Division track from
the "Komakino" flexidisc (Factory Records FAC 28).
Initial copies came with a free postcard featuring a photo of Ian Curtis
taken by Touch co-owner Jon Wozencroft.

A: Video 5-8-6 / New Order (33rpm / 22:25)
B: As You Said / Joy Division (45rpm / 2:01)

Feature Mist / Various (1982) の完全版。
The Haçiendaオープンに際して作られたBlue Mondayのブループリント。

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