Swell Maps / Loin Of The Surf (1979)

Swell Maps / Loin Of The Surf (1979)
Label: Rough Trade, Rather Records (UK)
Catalog#: ROUGH 2, gear five
Format: Vinyl, 7" (EP)

Credits: Written by Phones B. Sportsman
Notes: Free 7"EP with "A Trip To Marineville" LP on Rough Trade.

A1: Loin Of The Surf (2:14) Written by Jowe Head
A2: Doctor At Cake (2:05) Written by Biggles Books, Epic Soundtracks, Golden Cockrill
B1: Steven Does (1:45) Written by Nikki Sudden
B2: Bronze & Baby Shoes (3:43) Written by Jowe Head

Rough Trade でのLP "A Trip To Marineville" (ROUGH 2)付属のおまけ。

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