Zip Nolan / Cult Figures (1979)

Zip Nolan / Cult Figures (1979)

Label: Rather Records, Rough Trade (UK)
Catalog#: gear four, RT 020
Format: Vinyl, 7"(EP)

Credits: Produced by Swell Maps
"This wonderful record was recorded at wmrs studio, Leamington Spa on the 29 of december 1978. It was produced by the very gear Swell Maps without whom this disc would never have been possible. Any rumours that Marv, Joe, Barry & Howie are in fact Swell Maps are vicious and slanderous."

A1: Zip Nolan
B1: P.W.T.
B2: Zip Dub

何を思ったのか、Swell Mapsの変名バンド。節操が無く、巫山戯過ぎと言っても良い。サイコーである。

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