Funky Alternatives / Various (1987)

Funky Alternatives / Various (1987)

Label: Concrete Productions (UK)
Catalog#: CPRODLP 001
Format: Vinyl, LP

`Brothers can be brothers in spirit other that brothers in color. We proved that soul is everybody` James Brown

A1: 23 Skidoo - Shugyosha Step
Cut & Spliced by JT
A2: Tackhead Featuring DJ Cheese - King Of The Beat (Remix)
A3: New Order - Evil Dust (Exclusive Remix)
A4: 400 Blows - Needle Time (Throwdown Mix)
A5: Cultural Thugs - Christians To The Lions
B1: D.A.F. - Brothers (Gabi's Mix)
B2: Colourbox - Manic (Instrumental Mix)
Specially Remixed by 400 Blows
B3: Chris & Cosey - October (Love Song) '86 Version
B4: Empty Quarter - Crucial Lover
B5: Nocturnal Emissions - No Separation (Separated Mix)
Specially Remixed by 400 Blows


400 Blows のレーベル "Concrete Production" からシリーズ第1弾。確認したところでは Vol.8 まで概発。1980年リリースの James Brown "Soul Syndrome" のジャケットから抜粋された文句が微笑ましい。当時 Colorbox がお気に入りだったのと、New Order の未発表曲で購入。

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Chris & Cosey - October (Love Song) '86 Version

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