You're No Good / E.S.G.(1981)

You're No Good / E.S.G.(1981)

Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 34
Format: Vinyl, 7" (EP)

Produced by Martin Hannett
at Eastern Artist Recording Studios, East Orange and Strawberry Studios Stockport
Illustration by T. J. Boulton
Design by Stephen H.

99 Records released the 7" tracks on a 12"
Side A plays 45 rpm , Side B plays 33 1/3 rpm

A: You're No Good 3:07
B1: U.F.O. 3:27
B2: Moody 2:43

Factory だが South Bronx 発の3姉妹バンド、 E.S.G.(Emerald, Sapphire & Gold) 。音を例えるなら、冷えたスイカ。

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