Head To Toe / The Breeders (1994)

Head To Toe / The Breeders (1994)
Label: 4AD (UK)
Catalog#: BAD D 4012
Format: Vinyl, 10"(EP)

Credits: Recorded at Dreamland, Kingston, NY on 4 March 1994 with J. Mascis
Engineer - John Agnello
A1: Recorded at Cro Magnon, Dayton, OH on 21 March 1994
Assistant Engineer - John Shough

Sleeve - J. Wiggs
Embroidery - Maria Piñeres

A1: Head To Toe 2:06  Written by J. Wiggs
Arranged by K. Schellenbach(Luscious Jackson)
Additional Lyrics by D. Senechal
A2: Shocker In Gloomtown  Written by R. Pollard(Guided By Voices)
B1: Freed Pig  Written by L. Barlow(Sebadoh)
B2: Saints  Written by Kim Deal

良盤「Last Splash」の翌年にリリースされた10" EP。J. Mascisのプロデュースに始まり、Guided By Voices、Sebadohとイイ曲を書く90's アメリカンインディーズのベテランバンドのカバー曲で構成された、The Breedersの友人関係が納得の一枚。特にSebadohのB1が良い。4ADモノでたまにある変ジャケットもイイ味。

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