Extracts From Faust Party 3 / Faust (1979)

Extracts From Faust Party 3 / Faust (1979)
Label: Recommended Records (UK)
Catalog#: RR one point five
Format: Vinyl, 7"

Credits: Never previously released
Second Impression April 1980
Produced by Uwe Nettelbeck

Recorded in 1972. First edition released in 1979 and has a white border around the edges of the cover. 
Second edition released in April 1980 and has artwork to the edge of sleeve, and has the text "Second Impression April 1980" added to the cover. 
Otherwise, the two editions are identical. 
Both feature blank red (side 33) and green (side 45) labels with barely readable etching underneath ("Recommended Records" and the speed of the side). 
This 7" and the Faust Party 3 Extracts #2, (RR6.5), 7" were also included as a double 7" package with an 11 page booklet that was released in the "16 Dance Party Smash Hits!" box set of 16, 7" records put out in 1985 as a Re and Recommended 7th Anniversary Commemorative Issue.

Side 33: Extract 1  9:44
Side 45: Extract 4  4:14



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Vielen Dank ;o)

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Many thanks, min-min! You'll find your post and many others indexed in my Faust mega-post below; hope you find something you were looking for, cheers Dave Sez.


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