Double Bummer / Bongwater (1988)

Double Bummer / Bongwater (1988)
Label: Shimmy Disc (US)
Catalog#: shimmy 011
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced and Engineered by Kramer at Noise New York
Ann Magnuson, Kramer, Dave Rick, David Licht
Coby Barry, Don Cherry, Gary Windo

C1: Chinese translation of Mr. Page's Lyrics
Courtesy of Tseng Kwong

Notes: Includes Shimmy Disc Catalog insert

First Bummer
A1: Lesbians Of Russia
A2: Frank
A3: We Did It Again
    Written by Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine)
A4: Homer
A5: Joy Ride
A6: Decadent Iranian Country Club
A7: David Bowie Wants Ideas
A8: Rock & Roll Part 2
    Written by Gary Glitter

Second Bummer
B1: Just May Be The One
    Written by Mike Nesmith (The Monkees)
B2: There You Go
    Written by Johnny Cash
B3: Shark
B4: Jimmy
B5: Crime
B6: Pornography
B7: Pew

Third Bummer
C1: Dazed & Chinese
    Written by Jimmy Page
C2: Bullaby
C3: So Help Me God
C4: His Old Look
C5: Stone
C6: Number

Last Bummer
D1: Love You To
    Written by George Harrison
D2: Reaganation
    Written by Tuli Kupferberg (The Fugs)
D3: Double Birth
D4: Bruce
D5: Pool
D6: Rain
    Written by Lennon-McCartney

今は亡きShimmy Disc = Kramerの看板バンド。気合いの入った初のフルアルバム二枚組。Galaxie 500のPVでその感電ロゴを見て以来Shimmy Discのファンになったオレは、Kramerのソロアルバムがフェイバリットだが、変態の一大事と大声で言えるこのバンドは時折ついて行けない程素晴らしい。マニアなカバーが数曲あるが、C1はタイトルの駄洒落を言いたいが為に録ったと確信させる、まさかの中国語仕様。George HarrisonのD1は大音量で。Kramerみたいなヤツが遊び仲間に居たら影響される事必至だな。

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