The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack / New Order (2003)

The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack / New Order (2003)
Label: London Records 90 (UK)
Catalog#: SAVILLE1
Format: CD, Limited Edition

Credits: Produced by New Order
Mixed by Merv De Peyer
Design, Photograph by Graphic Thought Facility

Notes: Produced for The Peter Saville Show exhibition at Design Museum London. Limited to 3000 copies and only available from the London Design Museum Shop and Manchester Urbis Museum 

1: The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack  30:13

2003年5月13日〜9月14日、Design Museum(London)にて行われたPeter Savilleの個展の為にリリースされた3000枚限定CD。「The Peter Saville Show」は、Factory Recordsでのキャリアを始めとする数々のカバーデザインと近年の仕事を含めた、言わば回顧展であったが、現在はグラフィックデザインから意識的に離れた活動をしているらしい。若い頃から彼の仕事及び哲学に多大なる影響を受けた者として、此の事は至極当然の事だがやはり、彼の居るべき場所は現代美術などでは無く、グラフィックデザインを守護霊としながら、サブカルチャーを背景にしたクラシックとモダンへの自由なアプローチに他ならない。


Love Tempo / Quando Quango (1983)

Love Tempo / Quando Quango (1983)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 79
Format: Vinyl, 12"(Single)

Credits: Produced by Be Music, Donald Johnson (Uncredited)
Remix - Mark Kamins
Notes: In stickered generic "F-dot" Factory die-cut sleeve 
"© ℗ Of Factory New York (Fifth)"

A: Love Tempo   7:49
B: Love Tempo (Mix)   7:14

買って20数年後でも未だ「Love Tempo〜〜」の部分が下世話感イッパイで恥ずいが、このMixは結構癖になる。


Deep Sleep / Red Turns To... (1985)

Deep Sleep / Red Turns To... (1985)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 116
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits:  (All Uncredited)
Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer by Andrew Wright-Williams
Mixed by Chris Nagle, Stephen Morris
Produce by Stephen Morris
Drum Machine and Emulator Programmed by Stephen Morris
Vocals by Tim Lyons
Recorded at Yellow 2 Studios, Stockport, March 1984
Final mix at Strawberry Studios, Stockport

Notes: In F-dot die-cut custom bag. Edition of ca. 2000

A: Deep Sleep   5:29
B1: Lost Again   3:47
B2: Wave   5:04

Stephen Morris (New Order)がプロデュースだが、ベースラインやシンセの音色、リズムの間、メロディーなどがNew Orderそのまま。フロア向けシングルで何枚かリリースされた「F」字にエンボス&ダイカットされたスリーヴ入り。

Sorry, Files was broken. 


The City Of Our Lady / The Durutti Column With Debi Diamond (1987)

The City Of Our Lady / The Durutti Column With Debi Diamond (1987)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: Fac 184
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

Vini Reilly - Guitar and Keyboards
Debi Diamond - Vocals
John Metcalfe - Viola
Bruce Mitchell - Percussion

Special thanks to Simply Red for
Tim Kellett's Trumpet on White Rabbit

A1: recorded by Stuart James at Amigos Studio, North Hollywood and mixed by Steve Street at Strawberry Studios, Stockport
A2: recorded by Stuart James at Amigos Studio, North Hollywood and mixed by Stuart James at Yellow 2, Stockport
B: recorded and mixed by Steve Street at Strawberry Studios, Stockport 

Photograph BY Bob Sebree
Design: 8vo

A1: Our Lady Of The Angels  4:13
A2: White Rabbit  4:11
      Written by Grace Slick
B: Catos Con Guantes  8:40

Debi Diamondは米AV女優。NEW ORDERライヴでの縁らしいが、何故この女性を起用したのか、何故Jefferson Airplaneのカバーなのかは不明。


Soul Discharge / Boredoms (1989)

Soul Discharge / Boredoms (1989)
Label: Selfish Records (Japan)
Catalog#: BEL-12039
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Boredoms are
Veeto, Voc - P-We YY
Buzz Fuzz Mix - Hila Y
Aaaahg - Eye Y
H.r.vocks, Synthesizer, Pec Machine - Human Rich Vox Y
G.machine, Wood Pecker - No,1 Y [Yama-Motor]
Pistol & Produce - God Mama 
1989 Aug Ω

Bo! Wen
This Is Psychoalphadiscobetaaudioaquadoloop
Sound. Huh? Jam Sucker-Hucker.
Ok, Don't Check This Sound.
Get Off Yr Dea Dass & Dance On
The Bollocks, Webs & Wigs.

Notes: Include Photo Sticker

Side 8
A1: Bubblebop Shot
A2: 52 Boredom (Club Mix)
A3: Sun, Gun, Run
A4: Z&U&T&A
A5: TV Scorpion
Side 96
B1: Pow Wow Now
B2: JB Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell
B3: G-I-L 77'
B4: Jup-Na-Keeeeeel
B5: Catastromix 99'



I Spent A Week There The Other Night / Moe Tucker (1991)

I Spent A Week There The Other Night / Moe Tucker (1991)
Label: New Rose Records (France)
Catalog#: rose 273
Format: Vinyl, LP

Bass - Brian Ritchie 
Drums - John Sluggett, Victor Delorenzo 
Guitar - Daniel Hutchens , Don Fleming , Lou Reed , Sonny Vincent , Sterling Morrison 
Piano - Michelle Saacks 
Saxophone - David Doris 
Trumpet - Jim Morris 
Viola, Synthesizer - John Cale 
Vocals, Guitar - Moe Tucker

A1: Fired Up  3:57
A2: That's Bad  4:56
A3: Lazy  2:24
A4: S.O.S.  3:10
A5: Blue, All The Way To Canada  3:48
B1: (And) Then He Kissed Me  2:40
Written by Phil Spector, Ellie greenwich & Jeff Barry
B2: Too Shy  3:19
B3: Stayin Put  4:16
B4: Baby, Honey, Sweetie  3:15
B5: I'm Not  6:38

Maureen Tuckerでは無く、Moe Tucker名義での3rd Album。前作以上に充実した逸品。R.I.P. - Sterling Morrison

Sorry! A1 did not contain!


Reach For Love / Marcel King (1984)

Reach For Love / Marcel King (1984)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 92
Format: Vinyl, 12"(Single)

Credits: Produced by Be Music, Do-Jo, Fruitz 
A Factory 12 inch special

Notes: DoJo is Donald Johnson (ACR) and Be Music is Bernard Sumner (New Order). Donald Johnson also on instruments

A: Reach For Love
AA: Keep On Dancin'

マンチェスター出身である往年のソウルバンド「Sweet Sensation」"Sad Sweet Dreamer"がヒット。そのリードボーカルである彼のシングルリリースとはファクトリーらしい心意気。制作はいつものDonald Johnson (ACR) とBernard Sumner (New Order)。


Norsch / Zoviet France (1983)

Norsch / Zoviet France (1983)
Label: Red Rhino Records (UK)
Catalog#: RED 23
Format: Vinyl, 12"LP

Credits: Produceed by Ben Ponton, Peter Jensen, Robin Storey
Notes: Original recordings made in September/October 1982
Came in an embossed aluminium foil sleeve. Some copies with sprayed dots in green and red colour. With silk-screened inlet

A1: Norsch Tauss
A2: Norsch Baelmaen
B1: Norsch Virang
B2: Norsch Imirsch
B3: Norsch Vorvah



Walking Wounded / Everything But The Girl (1996)

Walking Wounded / Everything But The Girl (1996)
Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VST 1577, 7243 8 93487 6 7
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Words and Melody by Ben Watt. Music by Spring Heel Jack. Vocals by Tracey Thorn. Music Productions and Mixes by Spring Heel Jack. Except Additional Production and Mix by Dave Wallace (AA1) and Omni Trio (AA2). Design by Form/EBTG. Pic by Marcelo Krasilcic. 

A1: Walking Wounded (Main Vocal Mix)  6:04
A2: Walking Wounded (Spring Heel Jack Dub Mix)  6:49
AA1: Walking Wounded (Dave Wallace Remix)  8:18
AA2: Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix)  6:43

Happy Birthday EZ!

Before Today / Everything But The Girl (1997)

Before Today / Everything But The Girl (1997)
Label: Virgin (UK)
Catalog#: VST 1624, 7243 8 94053 6 1
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: A1 and B1 Mixed and Remix by Darren Emerson @ Underwater Studios, Nov '96. A2 Remix by N Bracegirdle and L Elstob for Chicane Productions. B2 An Adam F Productions. B3 Remixed by Dillinja
Produced by Ben Watt

A1: Before Today (Darren Emerson Underwater Remix 1)  9:42
A2: Before Today (Chicane Remix)  6:24
B1: Before Today (Darren Emerson Underwater Remix 2)  8:42
B2: Before Today (Adam F Remix)  4:12
B3: Before Today (Dillinja Remix)  4:49


Meat Mouth Is Murder / Meat Mouth (1987)

Meat Mouth Is Murder / Meat Mouth (1987)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 196
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Produced by Mike Pickering, Tim Oliver
Sleeve - Julie Lomax
Guitar - Greg O'Keeffe
Vocals - Mark Whittam, Nicholas Blincoe

St. Nick: Mouth
O'Keefe: Meat
Whittam: Mouth
Melanie Blue M: Extra Mouth
Suite Sixteen Studio
Schmitt Stix

A: Meat Mouth Is Murder
B1: Guilty Feet (Force Fed Meat)
B2: Pistol Practice

Mike PickeringがプッシュするFactory Records最初で最後のHip Hop(といっても初期の、ね)。Tommy BoyよりCelluloidの音に近い。タイトルは明らかにThe Smithsの其れだが全く関係無く、最悪なグラフィティ風ジャケで当時買おうか迷ったが、意外にもカッコイイのだった。


Double Bummer / Bongwater (1988)

Double Bummer / Bongwater (1988)
Label: Shimmy Disc (US)
Catalog#: shimmy 011
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced and Engineered by Kramer at Noise New York
Ann Magnuson, Kramer, Dave Rick, David Licht
Coby Barry, Don Cherry, Gary Windo

C1: Chinese translation of Mr. Page's Lyrics
Courtesy of Tseng Kwong

Notes: Includes Shimmy Disc Catalog insert

First Bummer
A1: Lesbians Of Russia
A2: Frank
A3: We Did It Again
    Written by Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine)
A4: Homer
A5: Joy Ride
A6: Decadent Iranian Country Club
A7: David Bowie Wants Ideas
A8: Rock & Roll Part 2
    Written by Gary Glitter

Second Bummer
B1: Just May Be The One
    Written by Mike Nesmith (The Monkees)
B2: There You Go
    Written by Johnny Cash
B3: Shark
B4: Jimmy
B5: Crime
B6: Pornography
B7: Pew

Third Bummer
C1: Dazed & Chinese
    Written by Jimmy Page
C2: Bullaby
C3: So Help Me God
C4: His Old Look
C5: Stone
C6: Number

Last Bummer
D1: Love You To
    Written by George Harrison
D2: Reaganation
    Written by Tuli Kupferberg (The Fugs)
D3: Double Birth
D4: Bruce
D5: Pool
D6: Rain
    Written by Lennon-McCartney

今は亡きShimmy Disc = Kramerの看板バンド。気合いの入った初のフルアルバム二枚組。Galaxie 500のPVでその感電ロゴを見て以来Shimmy Discのファンになったオレは、Kramerのソロアルバムがフェイバリットだが、変態の一大事と大声で言えるこのバンドは時折ついて行けない程素晴らしい。マニアなカバーが数曲あるが、C1はタイトルの駄洒落を言いたいが為に録ったと確信させる、まさかの中国語仕様。George HarrisonのD1は大音量で。Kramerみたいなヤツが遊び仲間に居たら影響される事必至だな。


Life In Exile After Abdication / Maureen Tucker (1989)

Life In Exile After Abdication / Maureen Tucker (1989)
Label: 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records (Netherlands)
Catalog#: MOE 7-1, LP 16551-08
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Maureen Tucker

Vocals - Maureen Tucker (All), Daniel Johnston (B5)
Bass - Kim Gordon (A4, B2 to B4), Barry Stock (B1), Hank Beckmeyer (B1)
Drums - Maureen Tucker (A4, B2), Steve Shelley (B3), Scott Jarvis (A1, A2, B1, B4) 
Guitar - Lou Reed (A1, B2), Lee Ranaldo (A4), Thurston Moore (A4), Jad Fair (A2, A5), Hank Beckmeyer (A1, A2, A4 to B2), Kate Messer (A1, A2, A5, B1, B4), Maureen Tucker (A1 to A3, A5, B2 to B4) 
Percussion - Hank Beckmeyer, Jad Fair, Kate Messer, Kim Gordon, M.C. Kostek, Maureen Tucker (A2)
Congas - Kate Messer (A4)
Cymbal - Jad Fair (A4)
Piano - Maureen Tucker (A4), Ann Marie Ear (B4), Daniel Johnston (B5)
Backing Vocals - Joe Martinelli (A3), Hank Beckmeyer (A3, B2, B3) , Kate Messer (A3, B2, B3), Daniel Johnston (B2), Don Fleming (B2), Jad Fair (B2, B3), Kim Gordon (B2, B3), Maureen Tucker (B2, B3), Rob Elk (B2), Scott Jarvis (B2, B3)

Recorded March 1988 at Noise New York, NYC, New York
Engineer - Mark Kramer
June-October 1988 at Mirror Image, Gainesville, Florida
Engineer - Bill Dudley, Bob McPeek, Buddy Ray
Mixed Friday and Saturday, December 1988 at Cheshire Sound, Atlanta, Georgia
Mixed By - George Pappas

A1: Hey Mersh!   3:13
A2: Spam Again   5:23
A3: Goodnight Irene   2:26
       Written by Huddie Ledbetter, John A. Lomax
A4: Chase   8:07
A5: Andy   5:07  
B1: Work   3:35   
B2: Pale Blue Eyes   6:42
B3: Bo Diddley 5:04
       Written by E. McDaniel
B4: Talk So Mean   4:57
B5: Do It Right   3:09
       Writen by Jad Fair, Daniel Johnston

Velvet Undergroundを正に後方から支え続けた彼女のソロ2作目。グランジに着火する火薬の臭い漂う中、新旧の豪華すぎる面子に支えられながら初期ロックンロールにグルーヴする、21世紀直前のアメリカン・フォークロア。愛されるとはかくも素晴らしい。

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