God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners / Robert Fripp (1980)

God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners / Robert Fripp (1980)
Label: Polydor (US)
Catalog#: PD-1-6266
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced by Robert Fripp

Compiled at the Hit Factory, New York
Engineer Ed Spring
Cover photo courtesy of The Handlery Motor Inn, 260 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, California

Cover photo Chris Stein
Sleeve concept Fripp/Stein
Hair by the famous Mary Lou Green
Inner photo Ron Cohen

The Frippertonics loop for B1 is the first piece performed at Calgary Planetarium, August 8th 1979.
The Frippertronics for B2 is the second piece, first house, at Madame Wong's, Los Angeles, July 25th 1979.
Buster Jones and Paul Duskin played alongside these loops in September and Absalm el Habib gave voice during December 1979.
The solo guitar part to "Signified" is manual repetition in comparison with technological repetition of the Frippertronics and is the complete second take. The first take broke down after 6 1/2 minutes.

Bass - Buster Jones
Drums - Paul Duskin
Vocals - Absalm el Habib (B1)

Side A
A1: Red Two Scorer  6:54
A2: God Save The Queen  9:50
A3: 1983  13:20
Side One
B1: Under Heavy Manners  5:14
B2: The Zero Of The Signified  12:38

"God Save The King"にタイトル曲が収録されているが、本アルバムでのCDリリースは無い。上部ジャケはシングルジャケットの表裏をつなげて見たのだが、内容そして本盤の存在と共に不思議なレイアウトになっている。適当でも此の様にはならない。
本盤の内容については此方のサイトが為になるが、リリース時の評価に比べて内容は全く悪くない。特に"Side One"は、Absalm el Habib名義の"David Byrne"が参加(B1)で、Enoでは無くFrippプロデュースのTalking Headsが垣間見れ、B2では「正にディシプリンの賜物プレイ!」がスゴすぎる。

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