Live Portland, Oregon 1978 (Bootleg) / Television (1989)

Live Portland, Oregon 1978 (Bootleg) / Television (1989)
Label: Archive Productions (Unknown)
Catalog#: Ark 001
Format: Vinyl, LPx2 (Bootleg)

Notes: This is a part of Last Tour Bootleg (Live at The Earth Tavern in Portland, Oregon, 7/3/78)
The songs is listed on the sleeve (Side D) has been revised by min - min. But D1 and D2 is uncertain.

A1: The Dream’s Dream  5:32
A2: Elevation  5:27
A3: Glory  4:18
A4: Foxhole  5:25
B1: Little Johnny Jewel  12:14
B2: Ain’t That Nothin’  7:38
C1: Friction  4:32
C2: Marquee Moon  17:00
D1: Lori (Poor Circulation)  2:49
D2: O Mi Amore  2:12
D3: Satisfaction  3:56
      Written by Richards/Jagger
D4: Fire Engine  6:27
      Written by R. Ericson/T. Hall/S. Sutherland
D5: Adventure  5:06

今回、ジャケットに記載されてるSide Dの曲名と曲順がどう聴いても間違っているので修正したが、D1とD2は他に音源を所有していないので不確定。D1は"Poor Circulation"が正しいらしい。

此方もオススメ。The Blow-Up / Television (1982)


Sorry! A1 did not contain. Re-uploaded.

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A1: The Dream’s Dream


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I think the above comment (all hollow squares on my European computer) is saying that the first track is missing from the download, as is indeed the case.

Thanks though to min-min, who seems to have an inexhaustible collection of classic vintage vinyl bootlegs. As for the link referenced above http://knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com/2010/03/television-i-need-new-adventure-1978.html, go to the comments to download - edo was kind enough to re-up there @320 instead of the post's lower bitrate. His kindness would lead to the Television megapost below, indexing everything available on the web by Television, including Portland @ 320 with the first track but different track order:


My megapost at edo's on Ultravox also indexes his "Echoes Of Pleasure" post - arigato mata ne, min-min!

Cheers, Dave Sez.

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匿名 さんのコメント...


匿名 さんのコメント...

Thanks min-min for re-uploading this classic Television vinyl! Find all the other available Television at http://knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com/2010/10/television-and-richard-hell-mega-post.html. For I Need A New Adventure at knowyourconjurer linked above, use the link in the comments @ 320, not the link in the post (@ 128). Cheers, Dave Sez.

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