The Clock Comes Down The Stairs / Microdisney (1985)

The Clock Comes Down The Stairs / Microdisney (1985)
Label: Megadisc (Netherlands)
Catalog#: MD 7977
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produced by Jamie Lane
Recorded in London, Summer 1985
Engineered by Jamie Lane, Ian Morais
Mixedown Engineered by Bill Gill
Sleeves Produced at Assorted iMaGes by Baker Dave

Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica – Sean O'Hagan
Drums – Tom Fenner
Bass – Ed Flesh
Vocals, Plastic Pubis, Keyborad - Blah Blah (Cathal Coughlan)

Vocals – June Miles-Kingston (A5, B5)
Viola – Geoffrey Richardson
Saxophone – Richard St. Jeffe
Backing Vocals - Dan, Stan, Ham

A1: Horse Overboard  3:53
A2: Birthday Girl  4:08
A3: Past  4:29
A4: Humane  3:07
A5: Are You Happy?  5:24
B1: Genius  4:20
B2: Begging Bowl  5:36
B3: A Friend With A Big Mouth  3:25
B4: Goodbye It's 1987  4:12
B5: And  4:21

所有の盤はRough Trade(Rough 85)ではないが、当時、実に「らしい」アイルランドバンドの3枚目。デビューはCherry Redから予定されていたという。後に "Fatima Mansions", "High Llamas"となる。ほろ苦い夏の匂いがするジャケットに包まれた、ショートムービーの様な素晴らしい詩、10曲。



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