Time Boom X De Devil Dead / Lee "Scratch" Perry & Dub Syndicate (1987)

Time Boom X De Devil Dead / Lee "Scratch" Perry & Dub Syndicate (1987)
Label: Syncopate (UK)
Catalog#: SYLP 6000
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Produce by Adrian Sherwood, Lee Perry
An On-U Sound/Upsetter Production
Recorded At Berry Street + Southern Studios, London
Mixed At Berry Street
Engineers – A.M. Sherwood, Derek Birket

Other Credits: Discos

A1: S.D.I.
A2: Blinkers
A3: Jungle
A4: De Devil Dead
B2: Kiss The Champion
B3: Allergic To Lies
B4: Time Conquer

Dubは麻薬だ。中でもOn-U Sound製はヘロイン並に多幸感と中毒性が高い。"The Pop Group - 1st" のDub初体験は吸引程度だったが"Mark Stewart + Maffia - Learning To Cope With Cowardice" でOn-Uをドープして以来、彼是30年も常用なう。其れに比べると本盤はLee Perry翁なので効果は草レベルだが、Sun Ra亡き後の数少ない御年75歳の"狂人"が創る音楽は全て素晴らしい。中でもA3は名曲。ちなみに"Panic In Babylon (2003)”収録の「VooDoo」は生涯の名曲。

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