The Alan Vega 70th Birthday EP Series - Che / Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic (2009)

Che / Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic (2009)
Label: Blast First Petite (UK) PTYY 021
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP (Clear), Limited Edition

Credits: Track A recorded at Aleph 0108 & Magnetic Park 0508 & Schwedenstrasse 0608,
Mixed at Magnetic Park 0808, Produced by O))) & Rex Ritter
Track B1 recorded & mixed: Susan Stenger - Lisheen Arts Studios 1
Track B2 recorded in one take at Blue Whale, Birmingham, UK - July 2008

Inside Cover Image: Coulter Jacobsen "Flash Falls After Donal" (2006)
Outside Stamp Design: Stephen O'Malley
Art Direction, Inner Bag & Layout: Smith & Smith

Notes: 1500 copies pressed

A: Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic - Che  6:00
Vocals – Joe Preston
Guitar – Stephen O'Malley
Guitar, Bass – Greg Anderson
Hammond – Steve Moore
Moog, Farsifa – Rex Ritter
Electronics – Mika Vainio

B1: Alan Vega - 13 X Live  5:55
Vocals - Alan Vega
Machines & Hand Controlled Fx - Liz Lamere

B2: Stephen Burroughs - Goodbye Darling  4:06
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Stephen Burroughs

白ジャケにスタンプ。そしてジャケ内側にCoulter Jacobsenによるドローイング作品 "Flash Falls After Donal"
Sunn O))) と Pan Sonicで程よく中和されてJD的様相だが、 オリジナル以上にヘヴィなバージョンを21世紀になってから聴くとは思わなかった。必然的に低音を最大に大音量で聴かねばならない。

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Jorge Stretcher さんのコメント...

Thanks for this and the other suicide EPs. Great!

styreneboy さんのコメント...

Thanks for the Alan Vega 70th Birthday Series. Are the others coming too?

min - min さんのコメント...

To Jorge


To styreneboy

Yes! Please wait a little more.

Rusty Pipes さんのコメント...

frtmati re upload please

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