The Alan Vega 70th Birthday EP Series - Sweetheart / The Klaxons (2009)

Sweetheart / The Klaxons (2009)
Label: Blast First Petite (UK) PTYT 026
Format: Vinyl, 10"EP, Limited Edition

Front cover: Gold Skull Cocktail Ring Summer Collection 2009 – Alexander McQueen
A Limited Edition: one of 3000

Notes: This is the sixth 10" in "Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series"

A: The Klaxons - Sweetheart  3:52
Produced by Jamie Reynolds
Mixed by Iain Burgess and David Odlum at Black Box, Studio B, France

B1: Alan Vega - Speedway  2:35
Alan Vega (Vocals) / Phil Hawk (Guitar)
Produced by Alan Vega

B2: No Bra - Super Subway Comedian  3:46
Performed, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by No Bra (2009)

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