Attitude / Rip Rig + Panic (1983)

Attitude / Rip Rig + Panic (1983)
Label: Virgin (OVED 63) UK
Format: Vinyl, LP 

Credits: Performed by Rip Rig + Panic; Andrea Hoogess, Biffda Smith, Flush, D.D. Defries, Lurid Sager, M.P.Z. Springer, Banana Cherry, S. Sarahandi, Hoog Oliver, Stove Noble, Woo Honeymoon
Produced by Gareth Sager + Alex Kidron
Engineer – K. Thomas, T. Hunt + M. Stewart
Saxophone – Flush (A3), Drums – Stove (A4, A6), Piano – Sager (A5)

A1: Keep The Sharks From Your Heart
A2: Sunken Love
A3: Rip Open, But Oh So Long Thy Wounds Take To Heal
A4: Do The Tightrope
A5: Intimacy, Just Gently Shimmer
A6: How That Spark Sets Me Aglow
B1: Alchemy In This Cemetry
B2: Beat The Beast
B3: The Birth Pangs Of Spring
B4: Eros; What Brings Colour Up The Stem?
B5: Push Your Tiny Body As High As Your Desire Can Take You
B6: Viva X Dreams

混沌から脱却しつつ変容していった此の3枚目のラストアルバム以降は、"Float Up CP"と成るが1枚で惜しくも解散。其の後ソロと成り売れたNeneh Cherryは、様々なコラボレーションと"CirKus"を経て、フリージャズバンド"The Thing"と"Neneh Cherry & The Thing"として2012年6月に1stアルバムをリリースする。Suicide, Stooges, Ornette Coleman, Madvillain等のカバーが非常に興味深い。

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