Satisfaction / The Residents (1978)

Satisfaction / The Residents (1978)

Label: Ralph Records (US)
Catalog#: RR 7803
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)Yellow Transparent

Credits: Featuring Snakefinger on Lead Guitar; Don Jackovich, Percussion; and Backing Stylists, The Pointless Sisters.
Cover Art Delightfully Designed by Pore-No Graphics.
Produced by The Residents. Previously Released in 1976.

Notes: This 1978 re-release of the rare 1976 original was an edition of 30,000 copies pressed on transparent yellow vinyl and in a slightly redesigned 2 colour sleeve.

A: Satisfaction
B: Loser = Weed


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匿名 さんのコメント...

thanks for all your fantastic shares of great singles - i love especially all those obscure and hard to get early rought trades. that's also why i found you, i searched for information about y records and got to your slits/pop group post.

added you to our sidebar.


min - min さんのコメント...


I am very grateful for me to link my blog to your blog.
Now readers of your blog too.
I think your collection is very interesting for me.

min - min

dugg さんのコメント...

what an amazing collection of music you have made available- i can recall many dances and long trips with some of these songs playing, and they STILL make me smile...
your hard work and generosity is very apprecaited,
all the best,

min - min さんのコメント...

To dugg

I'm glad your impressive comments.
I'm not good at English.
But look at your blog, I felt very great.
In particular, your photos, your opinion of music.


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