The Storm / World Of Twist (1990)

The Storm / World Of Twist (1990)

Label: Circa Records Ltd.(UK)
Catalog#: YRT 55
Format: Vinyl, 12"EP

Produced by Clif Brigden (A1, B2),
Martin Hannett and World Of Twist (A2, B1)
Engineerd by Hugo Nicholson (A1, B2),
Liam Mullen (A2),
John Pennington, Spencer Birtwistle (B1)

Vocals - Tony Ogden
Sea Noises - M.C. Shells
Drums - Monti (A1, B2)
Portraits - Adge, James Fry

A1: The Storm (12" Version) 6:30
A2: She's A Rainbow 4:20
B1: She's A Rainbow (12" Version) 5:02
B2: The Storm 3:23

短命だが惜しいバンド。Martin Hannett 最後の作品か。

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