The Beast / Section 25 (1982)

The Beast / Section 25 (1982)

Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 66
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

Produced by Section 25 and Ian Blackburn
Recorded at Cargo Studios April 1982
Track B2 recorded live by J. Hurst, New York February 1982
Front Cover Drawing by P. Devine
Sleeve Design by Mark Farrow

A1: The Beast
A2: Sakura
B1: Sakura (Matrixmix)
B2: Trident

以前アップした"Looking From A Hilltop"は最高の一枚だが、此れは初期の最高傑作。それにしても命日がオレの誕生日とは。

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