Can't Be Sure / The Sundays (1989)

Can't Be Sure / The Sundays (1989)

Label: Rough Trade (UK)
Catalog#: RTT 218
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

Produced by Ray Shulman
Guitar - David Gavurin
Voice - Harriet Wheeler
Bass - Paul Brindley
Drums - Patrick Hannan

Engineered by Barry Clempson
Cover by The Sundays
Layout by Slim Smith In Designland

A: Can't Be Sure
B1: I Kicked A Boy
B2: Don't Tell Your Mother

The Smiths 直系の瑞々しく才能溢れるバンド。見て即ジャケ買いしたこの1st Singleを聴いた時、久々にRough Tradeの音だと思った。

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