Silent Command / Cabaret Voltaire (1979)

Silent Command / Cabaret Voltaire (1979)
Label: Rough Trade (UK)
Catalog#: RT 035
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits: Recorded - Produced C.V. Western Works Oct.1979

A: Silent Command
B: Extract From Soundtrack For "Chance Versus Causality"

Rough Tradeから1st Single "Nag Nag Nag"に続く2nd  Single。前作に比べて熱の低い仕上がりだが、ひしゃげた声に絡むサウンドはそのままで此れは此れで良い。

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Exeter さんのコメント...

One of the best singles of the era and of the genre; it almost rivals "Nag, Nag, Nag" as the Cabs best. Poppy, yet dark and sinister.

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