Shipbuilding / Robert Wyatt (1982)

Shipbuilding / Robert Wyatt (1982)
Label: Rough Trade (UK)
Catalog#: RT 115
Format: Vinyl, 7"(Single)

Credits: Robert Wyatt: The Voice
Dave MacRae: The Rest

Cover Painting - Stanley Spencer, Detail from Shipbuilding On The Clyde : Riveters. Reproduced by courtesy of the Trustees of The Imperial War Museum.

Uncredited: Recorded: 1982.07.23 at Eden Studios
Backing Vocals, Guitar - Elvis Costello 
Double Bass - Mark Bedford 
Drums - Martin Hughes 
Organ - Clive Langer 
Percussion - Robert Wyatt 
Piano - Steve Nieve

Notes: This 7" was released with four different fold-out picture sleeves 
Riggers: Workers with ropes on cover
Riggers 2: Workers with tarpaulins on cover
Riveters: Workers hammering on cover
Riveters 2: Worker with brazier on cover

A: Shipbuilding
   Written by C. Langer, E. Costello 
B: Memories Of You
   Written by Andy Razat, Eubie Blake

此のコンピレーションに収録済みだが、E. Costelloの名曲なのでRough TradeのSingleで再度。B面は著名なスタンダードジャズだが、朝靄の中から聞こえてくるかの様な今回も素晴らしいWyatt翁の声に昇天。

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Doug さんのコメント...

Thanks for the vinyl rip of Robert Wyatt's 'Shipbuilding' single.I have just discovered your blog and it looks very good.Thanks again!

Shipping News さんのコメント...

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