When It All Comes Down / Miaow (1987)

When It All Comes Down / Miaow (1987)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 179
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

Credits: Produced by Paul Kendall
Engineered by Mel Jefferson at Southern Studios, London (A, B2)
Engineered by Paul Kendall at Addis Abbaba Studios, London (B1)
More Guitar by Steve Maguire (B1)
Soprano Sax from Terry Edwards (B1)

Miaow are:
Ron Caine: Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Cath Carroll: Vocals/Guitar
Chris Fenner: Drums

Richard Boon, Captain Dog, Brian O'Neill and Paul Smith will be remembered in our prayers
Sleeve: Cath/Brian/Slim Smith
Photography: Parker

A: When It All Comes Down (Catechism)  7:17
B1: Did She  3:40
B2: When It All Comes Down  3:25


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