Blind Faith / Sensuround (1992)

Blind Faith / Sensuround (1992)
Label: Icerink (UK)
Catalog#: DAVO 2 12
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Sensuround are John Robb, Adam Piper
and Patrick Simons with Tracey Carmen
A: Recorded at Amazon Studios Liverpool
AA: Reconstructed at Cat Music London
Produced by Greg Wilson (A1, A2) 
Design by Studio Treefrog 
Sleeve Notes - J.T. Rib With Apologies To Jon Savage

A1: Blind Faith (7" Mix)
    Remix by Greg Wilson, Vocals - Tracey Carmen
A2: Blind Faith (Aloof Mix)
    Remix by Dean Thatcher
AA1: Pretty Face
    Mixed by Saint Etienne
AA2: Pretty Face (Remix)
    Remix by Saint Etienne

Saint Etienneがレーベルオーナー。親会社はCreation Records。あの人は今なUKギャルユニット「Shampoo」も此処のレーベル。

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