Something For Nobody / Monte Cazazza (1980)
Label: Industrial Records (UK)
Catalog#: IR 0010
Format: Vinyl, 7"EP

A1: Compiled from tapes made at Chabot Gun Range, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
Vocals - Monte Cazazza
A2: Vocals - Cosey Fanni Tutti, Kim Norris, Tana Emmolo-Smith
Narration - Monte Cazazza
Piano - Cosey Fanni Tutti
A3: Vocals, Guitar, Rhythms, Sequencer - Monte Cazazza
B: Vocals, Synthesizer - Monte Cazazza
Guitar - Tana Emmolo-Smith 

Engineered, Mixed by Chris Carter
Effects - Cartertronics
Technical Supervision - Genesis P-Orridge, Peter Christopherson
Recorded at Industrial Records Studios, London during February 1980.
Cover Photography by Peter Christopherson
Tattoo by Alan Oversby

Notes: Initial pressings came with a 'commemorative' postcard of a painting of Mary Bell by Val Denham and lyrics to the song

A1: Distress
A2: Mary Bell
A3: Kick That Habit Man
Lyrics by Brion Gysin
B: First / Last

Industrial Recordsより、TGの弟子的存在だったMonte Cazazzaの7"EP。
幼女でありながら完全な殺人鬼の"Mary Bell"については下記リンクが詳しい。

R.I.P. Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson

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