Cannibalism / Can (1989)

Cannibalism / Can (1989)
Label: Spoon Records (Germany)
Catalog#: SPOON 001/2
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP

Michael Karoli: Guitar, Voc (C4)
Irmin Schmidt: Keyboards, Synth, Voc (C3)
Holger Czukay: Bass
Jaki Liebezeit: Drums

Malcolm Mooney: Voc (A1, A2, B5, D)
Damo Suzuki: Voc (A3, A4, B3, C1, C2)

Produced by Can, Recorded and Edited by Holger Czukay at Inner Space Studio
Concept and Juxtaposition by Can and Duncan Fallowell
Cover Design and Illustration by Eveline Grunwald

A1: Father Cannot Yell  7:05
(From Can - Monstermovie) 1969
A2: Soul Desert  3:30
(From Can - Soundtracks) 1970
A3: Soup  3:03
(Re-Edited from Can - Ege Bamyasi) 1972
A4: Mother Sky  6:41
(Re-Edited from Can - Soundtracks) 1970

B1: She Brings The Rain  4:07
(From Can - Soundtracks) 1970
B2: Mushroom  4:31
(From Can - Tago Mago) 1971
B3: One More Night  5:37
(From Can - Ege Bamyasi) 1972
B4: Spray  2:57
(Re-Edited from Can - Future Days) 1973
B5: Outside My Door  4:11
(From Can - Monstermovie) 1969

C1: Spoon  3:09
(From Can - Ege Bamyasi) 1972
C2: Halleluwah  5:39
(Re-Edited from Can - Tago Mago) 1971
C3: Aumgn  7:18
(Re-Edited from Can - Tago Mago) 1971
C4: Dizzy Dizzy  3:30
(From Can - Soon Over Babaluma) 1974

D: Yoo Doo Right  20:20
From Can - Monstermovie) 1969

Faustと共に時が経つに連れさらに評価が高まるクラウトロックの雄。彼らのオムニバス・ベストは彼ら自身と作家のDuncan Fallowellによって編集された。本盤は現在発売のCD「Cannibalism 1」に当たるがA2、B4が未収録。ジャケットも其れとは異なるがオレはCDジャケットの方が好きだ。今回Wikiで知った事だが「Can」とは「コミュニズム Communism」「アナーキズム Anarchism」「ニヒリズム Nihilism」の頭文字からだとは流石。どんなに多くの言葉を用意しても彼らの音楽を表すことは不可能だし無意味だ。彼らが誕生した1969年以降、ロックの可能性は年月を追うごとに拡大しているが、Canの血を受け継ぐ最近のベストバンドは「Factory Floor」。彼らの音楽を聴くとCanが今だに可能性を秘めていて、此れからもその領域は十分に有効だと感じざるを得ない。

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It's revealed for you to remember
by the whispering voice of a distant train
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Horizon within! You can always find
the keys to Enigma. Let's mention
one basic Truth: of spirited Mind
Is Nature naught but extension.

Internal expanses! In dreams, ridden
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Casualidad sopla la sangre
de alguno señor desconocido
durante los pocos restantes
momentos del resplandor de faroles

que se vislumbran tras el follaje
flameando de las obsesiónes
igual efimero como gotas
del cinzano de la soledad –

En aquel tiempo me levanta
dentro uno incidente avejentado
que en seguida palidece
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chica, nadie conoce que tus grisos
ojos significan aún; con todo
el sueño que hube evacuado
tu escudriñas nuevamente.

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nicht wahr? Die fristlos Entlaßung
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So laßen uns Menschlingen viele
besonders besonnene zum
Zeitweilegem Zeiten als Ziele
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