Come Here My Love / This Mortal Coil (1986)

Come Here My Love / This Mortal Coil (1986)
Label: 4AD (UK)
Catalog#: BAD 608
Format: Vinyl, 10"Single, Limited Edition

Credits: Produced by Ivo
Co-produced and Engineered by John Fryer
Sleeve by 23 Envelope
Photography by Nigel Grierson of 23 Envelope
Still Life - Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere 1900
Dedicated to Michael Allen for being himself

Notes: Limited edition release, featuring extracts from the album "Filigree & Shadow" (DAD 609)

A: Come Here My Love
  Keyboards - Simon Raymonde
  Vocals - Jean
  written by Van Morrison
AA: Drugs
  Drum Programming - Steven Young
  Guitar - Andrew Gray
  Keyboards - Ivo
  Vocals - Alison Limerick
  Written by D. Byrne

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notdotcom さんのコメント...

I remember when I bought this and first listened to it- it was like holding & hearing something from a different world

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