Compilation Rough Trade / Various (1986)

Compilation Rough Trade / Various (1986)
Label: Rough Trade (Canada)
Catalog#: RTS 1986
Format: Vinyl, LP

Credits: Design - Martyn Lambert, Peter Walmsley
Notes: Rough Trade Sampler LP for Canada

A1: The Smiths - Miserable Lie  4:27
A2: Vic Godard - Stop That Girl  3:20
A3: The Woodentops - Well, Well, Well  2:30
A4: Microdisney - Horse Overboard  3:53
A5: Float Up C.P. - Forever Party  3:19
A6: Princess Tinymeat - Bun In The Oven  2:30
B1: The Apartments - Mr. Somewhere  2:48
B2: Jonathan Richman - Circle I  2:54
B3: Robert Wyatt - The Age Of Self  2:48
B4: David Thomas - Whale Head King  5:40
B5: Chris And Cosey - Stolen Kisses  4:06
B6: Horace Andy - Elementary  3:55

This Mortal Coilにカバーされた名曲B1を始め、後にThe High Llamasを結成するSean O'Haganの"Microdisney"やThe Smithsの未発表ライヴ等、少し変わったコンピ盤。長く聴いてる愛聴盤。

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