Yawa Yawa / Pineapple (1987)

Yawa Yawa / Pineapple (1987)
Label: GYM Record Office (Japan)
Catalog#: GP-5003
Format: Vinyl, 12" EP

Credits: Produced by Haruo Komuro and Pineapple
Engineered and Mixed by Toshihide Tobita
Recorded at King Tobby Studio, Sapporo, Oct '86 - Feb '87
Cover and Inner Design by T.N
Cover Photography by Haruo Komuro at Shynchro System Studio
Inner Photography by H.K, T.N and Others

A1: Diamond Crack   6:02
A2: Saru no Yama (Yurei ha Watashi no Atama no Naka) - 猿の山(幽霊は私の頭の中)  4:36
B1: Savanna - サバンナ   5:54
B2: Kamisama - 神様   2:31
B3: Yawa Yawa - やわやわ  4:04

未所有の1st EPや、此れでは「Pineapple 4.9」だったが「Pineapple」に改名後の2nd 12"EP

2 件のコメント:

noense さんのコメント...

ugh, any chance to re-up?

Unknown さんのコメント...

Reupload would be highly appreciated. Impossible to find elsewhere.

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