Three Minute Symphony / Various (1984)

Three Minute Symphony / Various (1984)
Label: X Tract (UK)
Catalog#: XX 002
Format: 12"x2 Vinyl, LP

Credits: Compiled by Dave Henderson

A1: Kill Ugly Pop - Let's Get Real Gone (3:45) UK
A2: Ptôse - Waiting For My Soul (3:30) France
A3: Trax - Trax Co Mix 1 (3:12) Italy
A4: Die Tödliche Doris - Maria (2:45) West Germany
A5: Van Kaye & Ignit - A Slice Of The Action (3:30) Holland
A6: Bene Gesserit - White Men (3:10) Belgium

B1: Colin Potte - The State (2:57) UK
B2: Human Flesh - L'Ultima Storia (3:20) Belgium
B3: DDAA - Your Mother With A Cake (3:10) France
B4: Point Of Collapse - When Worlds Collide (3:10) UK
B5: David Jackman - Wolf (Part 2) (3:05) UK
B6: Sema - Untitled (3:20) UK

C1: Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot (2:58) USA
C2: Roll Kommando - Die Romantik Ist Tot (3:00) West Germany
C3: Stratis - I Fotia (2:58) West Germany
C4: Merzbow - Xa-Bungle (3:10) Japan
C5: Philip Johnson - Always Behind You (1:58) UK
C6: Conrad Schnitzler - Three Minute Symphony No 1 (3:00) West Germany

D1: Nagamatzu - Bird, Spider, Fly (3:05) UK
D2: Hurt - Money Matters (3:20) UK
D3: Nurse With Wound - Antacid Cocamotive 93 (3:50) UK
D4: The Legendary Pink Dots - No Bell, No Prize (3:52) UK
D5: Asmus Tietchens - Dahinter Industriegelande (3:10) West Germany
D6: Smegma - The Breathing Method (3:00) USA

Noiseコンピ二枚組。約3分にまとめられた24組のインターナショナルコンピである。先にリリースされた"The Elephant Table Album"が当時話題になったが本盤はその第二弾でアナログのみ。”The Elephant〜”はCDもリリースされているが現在Amazonで新品¥9,309〜、中古¥6,841〜だと。

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the saucer people さんのコメント...

Many thanks for the Three Minute Symphony compilation..total unknown classic! Some great tracks, many have stood the test of time and a few, the less said about the better!

Essential 80s experimental album and great rip.

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